Model shot over parking dispute outside Home Depot in Brooklyn dies of injuries

A model was shot outside a Home Depot in Brooklyn and died as a result of her injuries

BEDFORD STUYVESANT, Brooklyn – A 26-year-old model and singer was shot with her boyfriend near a Home Depot in Brooklyn and died as a result of her injuries.

Imani Sharpless died from her injuries, authorities said Thursday, following an incident that seemed to be a parking dispute.

A person of interest has been identified in the Saturday afternoon shooting at Willoughby Avenue and Sanford Street.

Sharpless and her 36-year-old partner, Cordel McDuffie, were involved in a parking argument with a man.

Detectives have retrieved the gun and clothing used by the person of interest, who is linked to a Mercedes Benz found in the parking lot after the incident.

They found that the suspect and the male victim were both fighting for the same parking spot when a verbal altercation erupted, resulting in the gunman snatching the spot.

The victims then resorted to idling in front of the Home Depot, with the male shopping and his girlfriend waiting in the car.

The gunman was the first to emerge and waited for the other man. Police retrieved surveillance video of him patiently waiting for people to vacate his line of fire until he got a clear shot.

According to authorities, he opened fire on the driver’s side of the car, striking the female victim in the head and wounding the driver, the apparent intended target.

McDuffie discussed Sharpless from his hospital bed on Monday.

“She’s one of the most beautiful people, she loves kids, full of life, just a good person,” he said. “For this to be happening over something so minuscule it’s overwhelming.”

There have been no arrests, and the inquiry is still underway. Anyone with knowledge is encouraged to contact the police.

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