Rally House employee shot in Kansas City Northland

A shooter in Kansas City Northland targets Rally House employee

A suspected shoplifting incident at Rally House in the Shops at Boardwalk turned violent when an employee was shot. Kansas City police responded to the shooting on Wednesday and are currently investigating the incident.

At around 12:30 p.m., reports of a shooting were made at the intersection of N. Ambassador Drive and N. Boardwalk Avenue, close to the 152 Highway and Interstate 29 interchange. The location of the incident was The Shops at Boardwalk.

According to authorities, two individuals have been apprehended as suspects in relation to the shooting incident that occurred at the intersection of 152 and N. Indiana.

As Billy White was heading towards Proud Souls Barbecue located next to Rally House, he was leading the way while his wife followed closely behind. Suddenly, a gunshot rang out and caught his attention.

On Wednesday, White recalled witnessing the suspect emerging from the scene at a swift pace while carrying a bundle of jerseys.

After the suspect fled, White and his wife took cover between parked cars. As soon as the coast was clear, White quickly rushed to aid the injured worker who had been shot.

White recounted staying by the injured person’s side and assisting in tying a tourniquet on his leg before holding his hand until the arrival of the paramedics.

White was taken aback by the situation, but he felt grateful for the opportunity to lend a hand.

As he reflected on his decision to leave Lowe’s, he couldn’t help but feel that fate had brought him to this moment. “I realized that I needed some rub, and that’s why I’m here,” he mused. Though he wasn’t entirely sure if his actions had made a difference, he knew that he was meant to be here for a reason.

When asked if he was a hero in this situation, White humbly replied, “Nah. If I am, I am. I just try to stay humble, man.”

At present, the authorities have not disclosed the identities of the suspects or the victim involved in this incident.

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