Alabama Teen Seeks New Trial After Killing Family Members Upon Find their Secret

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In September 2019, a shocking incident occurred in Alabama. A 14-year-old teenager named Mason Sisk made a horrifying decision to take the lives of five family members. The New York Post reported on this tragic event.

The article provided information about the individuals involved by stating:

The victims have been identified as Sisk’s father, John Sisk, 38, stepmother Mary Sisk, 35, and his three half-siblings, including 6-year-old Grayson, 5-year-old Aurora and 6-month-old Colson.

When detectives first spoke with Sisk, he claimed to have been playing video games in the basement before hearing the commotion. However, upon further investigation and conversations with Sisk, Alabama authorities were able to establish that he was the one responsible for the slayings. After being informed that he would be charged with capital murder, Sisk showed no signs of remorse.

Family members speculate that the execution-style murders occurred when Sisk uncovered a long-held family secret – the revelation that his stepmother, who he had always believed to be his biological mother, was not actually his biological parent.

However, prosecutors presented a contrasting perspective. In an additional article from the NYPost, more information about the incident was revealed, stating:

Prosecutors argued that Sisk had anger control issues and had threatened the entire family. In court documents, they alleged that the teen previously laced his stepmother’s coffee with peanut butter in an attempt to poison the woman, who had a severe peanut allergy.

Alabama teen mass murderer loses bid for new trial

In September 2023, Alabama News reported that Sisk received a life sentence without the chance of parole. His attorneys later requested a new trial on December 1, 2023, but their request was denied by a judge.

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