Best Places for Black People to Live

Top 12 Best Places for Black People to Live in 2023-24

Selecting the ideal location to call home requires careful consideration, particularly for Black individuals who seek to flourish and experience a sense of community.

As per the latest data from the Pew Research Center, approximately 47.2 million individuals identified themselves as Black in 2021, positioning them as the second-largest minority group in the United States. Majority of this demographic, which accounts for around 56%, are settled in the South, which is also where most of them originally come from. Economic and cultural factors are the primary reasons why many of them choose to return to their roots in the South.

Looking for the best places to live as a Black person? Look no further! Our carefully curated list includes top locations that cater to your needs, whether you’re seeking career growth, a high quality of life, safety, community acceptance, or simply a change of scenery. Explore our selection and find the perfect spot for you.

Discovering new places that can bring you safety, happiness, peace, and love is an incredible experience. Whether you’re exploring a bustling city or a serene small town, our valuable insights will guide you every step of the way.

Our Methodology of Selecting the Best Places for Black People

Our list of the top locations for Black individuals to reside was carefully crafted by taking into account various factors that can impact one’s daily life. These factors encompass:

    • Cost of living: Things that drive the cost of living are housing, transportation, utilities, healthcare, shopping, and other daily expenses. We assessed affordability for these places to help you pick one that meets your budget.
    • Concentration of the Black people: When a place has a higher number of Black residents, it shows the community is diverse and inclusive. In our top picks, we have considered and provided you with places with a high Black population.
    • Crime rate: We considered the crime rate for these places. It’s good to note while a city may have a low crime rate, some neighborhoods may have high crime incidents and vice versa. This makes it essential to do thorough research on the specific neighborhood.
    • Job opportunities: If you’re looking to relocate and find a job in that area, you’ll need to choose a place with a higher chance of getting it. We have considered places with a strong job market and diverse employment opportunities.
    • Education system: Quality education comes with many benefits, including fighting poverty. When researching and evaluating the best places for Black people to live, we considered access to high-quality and affordable schools, colleges, and universities.
    • Healthcare access: Unfortunately, racism is also in our healthcare services. In some places, black people are denied equitable healthcare, which can lead to deterioration of health or even severe outcomes. When picking the best places for Black people to live, we consider access to quality healthcare with fewer chances of discrimination.
    • Culture vibrancy: Everyone loves fun; one way to achieve this is through culture. Culture can be in the form of music, arts, and food, among other forms of cultural expression. We considered things that bring you some vibrancy in your life, including museums, art galleries, theaters, and cuisines.

We have compiled our rankings by gaining a thorough understanding of Black communities through various sources. Our research includes analyzing census data, government reports, and community surveys. Additionally, we have studied crime reports, education ratings, and reviews from Black individuals. Our goal is to provide you with accurate and informative information that is supported by facts and statistics, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Best Places for Black People to Live

Check out these amazing places that are perfect for Black people to live:

12. Oakland, California

With its vibrant arts scene and rich cultural heritage, Oakland is a popular destination for Black individuals looking for an attractive place to call home. The city is home to an estimated population of 430,553, with the Black community comprising 22%, making it the largest minority group in the area. Oakland’s thriving neighborhoods offer a unique blend of diversity and cultural experiences that make it a top choice for those seeking a welcoming and inclusive community.

The city of Oakland boasts an abundance of job prospects, with notable industries including food processing, technology, healthcare services, finance, and the arts.

Living in Oakland comes with a higher cost of living compared to the national average, with a staggering 46% increase. The housing expenses in Oakland are almost twice as much as the national average, with a staggering 99% surge. Additionally, the cost of utilities and groceries are also higher, with a 30% increase compared to the national average.

Education in the city is of high quality, with a variety of colleges and universities to choose from. As with any urban area, certain neighborhoods may have higher crime rates than others, but there are also many safe areas to explore.

11. Memphis, Tennessee

Located in the heart of the “home of blues”, Memphis is a city where the majority of the population is Black, with over 64% of the residents belonging to this community. What makes Memphis even more appealing is its affordability. According to PayScale, the cost of living in Memphis is 13% lower than the national average, and housing expenses are 20% lower than the national average.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to raise your family, Memphis could be the perfect city for you. With a welcoming culture, plenty of activities for kids, a thriving music scene, and a top-notch education system, your children will be well taken care of.

The climate in Memphis is classified as humid subtropical, making it an ideal location for families with children to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Summers are hot and winters are mild, creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for all.

The city boasts a vibrant artistic scene and a rich musical heritage, which is celebrated through a variety of events. Music festivals, art galleries, museums, and theaters are just a few examples of the many cultural experiences that can be enjoyed in this city. These events showcase the city’s cultural richness and provide residents and visitors alike with unique opportunities to immerse themselves in the local arts and music scene.

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re a Black person looking for a new city to call home, New Orleans is a great option. Among the cities on this list, Raleigh is the only one with a higher percentage of Black residents than any other race, with 58% of the population being Black. New Orleans is a place where you can feel welcomed and find a positive environment, with a rich history of African-American culture. It’s the perfect place to relocate with your family and live in peace.

In addition, the Black community has made substantial contributions to both the economic and cultural growth of this city, playing a pivotal role in its development.

The education system in New Orleans is performing better than the national and state averages. To support Black educators and schools and to ensure that every Black child receives a high-quality and culturally affirming education, the non-profit organization, Black Education For New Orleans (BE NOLA), is working tirelessly.

There are plenty of high-quality healthcare options available throughout most neighborhoods in New Orleans.

9. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, also referred to as the “city of music,” is well-known for its lively music scene and exuberant atmosphere. However, the city also boasts a fascinating history and a diverse culture that can be seen in its food and celebrations.

Nashville is a city with a total population of 683,622, where Black residents make up 27.2% of the population. The city offers affordable housing and a low cost of living, making it an attractive option for many. Additionally, Nashville boasts a robust job market, ranking first on the list of top job markets. If you’re on the hunt for employment opportunities, look no further than Nashville as it should be your top choice.

Nashville boasts exceptional educational opportunities, with the inauguration of McKee – the first free Black school in the city. Additionally, the healthcare services here are unmatched, with a diverse range of large hospitals and medical centers, earning Nashville the nickname “a health services hospital”. The city is home to over 500 healthcare service companies, with the prestigious Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) leading the pack.

Although the city boasts of a mild climate throughout the year, winters can get quite cold. While the city is generally regarded as safe, like any other urban area, there are occasional instances of crime, especially property-related offenses.

8. New York City, New York State

With a Black population of around 2 million, New York boasts the largest Black population in the United States. The city’s dynamic job market and diverse industries offer a plethora of job opportunities, which have great potential for higher earnings. Although the cost of living in the city may be higher than the national average by 128%, the higher earnings can help offset this.

In addition to its diverse cultural scene, New York offers a plethora of amenities that make it an attractive place to call home. With a multitude of job opportunities and a vibrant mix of cultures, it’s no wonder that it’s considered one of the best cities for Black singles over 40. The city’s world-class lifestyle and socializing opportunities also add to its appeal, making it a desirable destination for those looking for a fulfilling and exciting life.

7. Dallas, Texas

Dallas is renowned for its thriving business sector, diverse culinary offerings, and passionate sports culture. Approximately 24% of the population in Dallas is Black, ensuring a vibrant community for those considering a move to the city.

The economic landscape in Dallas is robust and varied, making it a hotspot for job seekers. Opportunities abound in finance, technology, and healthcare, with numerous Fortune 500 companies contributing to the city’s stable economy.

While the cost of living in Dallas is lower than in many major cities, it sits 3% higher than the national average. Housing, food, and transportation costs are below the national average, while goods and services, healthcare, and utilities are higher by 10% or more.

Dallas offers luxurious housing options that make it an appealing choice for Black individuals seeking an improved quality of life without breaking the bank. This is particularly advantageous for Black singles over 40, offering a more affordable alternative to cities like New York.

The city boasts a commendable education system, including one of the best public magnet high school systems. Additionally, Dallas enjoys a humid subtropical climate, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation.

6. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina, stands out as one of the prime cities for Black professionals, thanks to its abundant job opportunities. The year-over-year employment rate in Charlotte was 4.6%, with significant growth in the leisure and hospitality industry, adding 91,000 jobs in September 2023 alone. Government jobs also saw an impressive increase of 73,000 in the past year.

Compared to other cities, Charlotte offers a reasonable cost of living, 2% lower than the national average. The city excels in affordability, with housing, utilities, groceries, and transportation all recording rates below the national average.

Charlotte’s schools are top-notch and inclusive, creating a welcoming and Black-friendly community. The city’s vibrant cultural scene and artistic offerings, along with exciting sports and entertainment options, make it an ideal choice for individuals of all ages.

For those who appreciate nightlife, Charlotte provides perfect spots to explore. It is also recognized as one of the best cities for Black singles, boasting a mild and favorable climate for residents.

5. Orlando, Florida

With a population of 316,081 as of July 2022, Orlando hosts a Black or African American community comprising 23.5%. Known for attractions like Disney World and Universal, Orlando is an excellent choice for families with children. The city also offers theaters, amusement parks, sports centers, art galleries, and a diverse range of restaurants.

Orlando’s education system is outstanding, contributing significantly to the city’s economy. Various industries, including tourism, technology, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and defense, further boost Orlando’s economic prospects. In January, the city reported a low unemployment rate of 2.6%, with a 6.2% increase in private sector jobs.

Orlando embraces diversity, with a thriving community and a population diversity rating of 95 out of 100. Multicultural events foster understanding and respect for different cultures, adding to the city’s vibrancy.

The cost of living in Orlando is reasonable, with a monthly cost for a family of four estimated at around $4,072.1, excluding rent. Housing, healthcare, grocery, and transportation costs are less expensive, allowing for a comfortable lifestyle.

4. Raleigh, North Carolina

Known as the “Triangle” or “The City of Oaks,” Raleigh is an ideal city for wealth-building among Black families. Its diverse population and strong educational systems contribute to its reputation as one of the best places for Black families.

Raleigh boasts a lower-than-average cost of living, with affordable neighborhoods and expenses for housing, transportation, and groceries that are 2%, 5%, and 8% lower than the national average, respectively. Monthly costs and rent are estimated at approximately $1,293.7 and $1,337.

The city’s healthcare and education systems are top-rated, ensuring a safe environment with crime rates lower than the state average. Raleigh’s vibrant arts, culture, and music scenes, including events like the African American Cultural Festival, add to the city’s appeal.

With a Black population of around 136,303, Raleigh provides a supportive community for Black individuals.

3. Houston, Texas

As of 2022, Houston’s population reached around 2.3 million, with 22.6% being Black or African American. Houston has experienced significant population growth, adding 1.1 million new residents in the last decade.

The city offers a strong job market, particularly in industries such as oil, health, aerospace, and logistics, with an expected 60,000 job openings in 2023.

Houston stands out for its lower cost of living, ranking as the third lowest nationwide, estimated to be 5.8% below the average. This affordability, coupled with quality education, a family-friendly environment, and accessibility, makes Houston one of the best places for Black families.

While Houston, like many large metropolitan areas, experiences crime, the city has seen a decrease in violent crime by 9% and murders by 8%.

2. Washington DC

Washington, D.C., emerges as an excellent choice for those seeking the best place to live and start a business, especially for Black entrepreneurs. With a thriving job market and diverse population, Washington, D.C., fosters innovation and invention, making it one of the top cities for Black professionals.

Home to two Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Washington, D.C., excels in education attainment, with a Black population of around 45%, the largest minority group in the city.

While the cost of living is slightly higher, with a monthly cost for a single person estimated at around $1593.2, exclusive of rent, the city’s higher average income levels help offset these costs.

Washington, D.C., offers vibrant artistic and cultural scenes, providing residents with ample opportunities to explore the city’s rich cultural heritage and institutions.

1. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has long been recognized as the Black Mecca, with a Black population of 47% in 2020. The city’s vibrant culture creates a strong sense of community, offering peace and a feeling of belonging.

Atlanta provides robust economic opportunities, particularly suitable for those with middle-class incomes. The city’s appeal extends to families, providing a kid-friendly environment with outdoor activities.

Atlanta leads in education attainment, with six HBCUs in its vicinity. The city has seen a continual drop in crime, making it one of the safest places for Black individuals to live.

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