Jimmy Hoffa’s body may have been found by dog called Moxy, cold case investigators claim

Cold case investigators claim a dog called Moxy may have found Jimmy Hoffa’s body

According to cold case investigators, the burial site of former Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa may have been discovered beside a Milwaukee baseball stadium, with the help of a search dog named Moxy. The findings suggest that the mystery surrounding Hoffa’s disappearance may finally be solved.

According to the Case Breakers group, a non-profit organization dedicated to investigations, their thorough research has led them to the former location of Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin. The group has been working on this project for several years, and their findings have brought them to this significant discovery.

James R. Hoffa, an iconic labor leader, vanished on July 30, 1975, as he was believed to be en route to a meeting with members of the Detroit mafia. Despite extensive investigations, his remains have never been found, and he was officially declared deceased in 1982.

According to a statement released by The Case Breakers on Wednesday, they received valuable assistance in their search from a set of instructions scribbled on an ace of spades playing card by a police sergeant who was on his deathbed.

According to the group, they have reason to believe that Hoffa’s remains have been buried near a little league field that was constructed adjacent to the current MLB stadium, American Family Field, in the city.

According to the group, volunteer investigators have been informed by independent sources in three states that the remains of Hoffa will be found through CSI forensics at a little league field situated near Milwaukee’s MLB stadium. They released a statement confirming this information.

According to reports, there are claims that Hoffa’s remains were relocated from another site and covertly buried beneath the third base of this old stadium in 1995.

In 2002, the little league field was constructed within the confines of the car park that was erected in place of the previous stadium on the same site.

According to the Case Breakers, their radar equipment was obstructed by an unanticipated layer of clay, which they believe suggests that the excavation and backfilling of the site had been done hastily.

According to the group, Moxy managed to sniff out four hits at the stadium’s former third-base location by pointing, wagging her tail, barking, and using her nose.

In an effort to find Hoffa’s remains, multiple searches and excavations have been conducted over the years. One such search occurred in 2022 under a bridge in New Jersey.

After being contacted by The Independent, the FBI declined to provide any information or comments regarding the ongoing investigation.

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