David Muir makes public apology to neighbors after making unexpected discovery near his jaw-dropping NYC home

David Muir publicly apologizes to neighbors following an unexpected discovery near his stunning NYC home

David Muir’s residence in Manhattan is a stunning abode that he prefers to keep private during his stay.

During his walk home last week, the ABC star was taken aback by a surprise that made him apologize to his neighbors.

The daily news show host of ‘World News Tonight’ took to Instagram to share a snapshot of a massive poster promoting his program.

In the caption, he expressed his apologies to his neighbors and mentioned that he was not anticipating this during his walk back home.

Upon seeing the photo, fans wasted no time in expressing their admiration. One fan wrote, “What a great photo! Congratulations, David! My husband and I tune in to World News Tonight regularly and we truly appreciate your professionalism and compassion!” Another fan praised David’s humility and integrity, saying, “David Muir is a true journalist of honor and integrity. May you always be blessed with good fortune!” A third fan even joked, “I wouldn’t mind having David’s photo accompany me on my daily walk!”

Since 2014, David has been the host of World News Tonight and holds the title of both anchor and managing editor.

David’s news show has achieved the highest ratings on both broadcast and cable television. In addition to his professional success, David has participated in exciting personal endeavors such as running in the New York Marathon alongside his ABC colleagues, including Robin Roberts, Deborah Roberts, and Ginger Zee.

The participants got together to support Team of Kids by participating in the yearly race, which is considered one of the most festive occasions in New York City. They had a great time and enjoyed the day to the fullest.

In addition, the esteemed television journalist has just been informed that he will be granted the esteemed Walter Cronkite award in 2024. This honor places him in the same category as renowned journalists such as Al Roker, Gayle King, and Anderson Cooper.

David expressed his gratitude upon receiving the award, saying, “Walter Cronkite famously led the country through some of the most challenging moments in modern U.S. history. He accomplished this by relying on his own moral compass, his unwavering dedication to journalism and honesty, and his readiness to share his own vulnerabilities during the darkest of times.”

David expressed deep humility and a sense of responsibility upon being honored in the name of Cronkite. He believes that this recognition is a reminder to everyone to uphold the high standards of journalism, especially during critical times. David’s lifelong dream has been to become a journalist, and he once shared with People Magazine his journey towards achieving this goal. In his words: “I didn’t care. I thought Peter Jennings was the James Bond of evening news.”

During his free time, David utilized his skills by interning and reaching out to news outlets for potential job opportunities. Reflecting on his first experience, he recalls being just 13 years old when he initially contacted the local news team in his town. To his surprise, they responded and invited him to visit the TV station, marking the start of his journey in the industry.

“After carrying tripods and equipment as an intern, I landed my first job at Channel 5 in Syracuse. They saw my potential and hired me straight out of college.”

In his own words, he expressed, “It was worth it. I felt overjoyed, and I even volunteered to get Cokes from the vending machine. While doing so, I would observe and learn from the anchors on the desk.”

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