Did you see the Mississippi hunter who bagged a freakish 29-point buck?

As winter settles in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, and Alabama, the focus of many individuals begins to shift from football to hunting. These two beloved pastimes are deeply cherished by residents of the Gulf South. With football taking a break during the bowl season, it provides the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to venture into the woods in search of a game to stock their freezers and potentially bag a trophy-worthy catch for their walls.

If you’re an avid hunter in the northern regions of Louisiana and southern Arkansas, you may be interested to know that there have been reports of a mountain lion in the area. Recent news from Clark County in Arkansas indicates that a trail camera captured an image of a large feline, prompting hunters to be cautious during their outings.

Mountain Lion

In Holmes County, Mississippi, there is a fascinating story about Hank Wentworth, an enthusiastic deer hunter. Since the beginning of fall, Hank had been diligently tending to a deer stand and a food plot. It was towards the end of November when something caught Hank’s attention on his trail camera, sparking his excitement for the upcoming deer season.

In a remarkable trail video, he captured what he described as the “deer of a lifetime.” This extraordinary encounter took place on November 28th, as reported in the Biloxi Sun Herald Newspaper. Wentworth was immediately struck by the buck’s unique feature – two sets of “double main beams” adorning its magnificent antlers.

On December 3rd, after meticulously studying the trail camera images and carefully predicting the movements of the big buck, Wentworth finally found himself in the perfect position at the perfect time.

Wentworth arrived at his stand just after 3 A.M., and fortunately, his patience and perfect timing would soon be rewarded.

Hank’s social media pages showcase an incredibly impressive deer. The buck’s bases measured 5 3/8 inches and 5 1/2 inches, while the main beams stretched out to just over 20 inches and 18 inches, respectively. The buck’s unofficial gross score stands at an impressive 205 5/8.

Share your pictures of big bucks this deer season with us! Whether it’s through this page or our radio station app, we can’t wait to see your hunting success. Good luck and stay safe out there!

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