Eyewitnesses Unveil Heartbreaking Details of Carolyn Bessette’s Daily Routine

Even years after her passing, there remains a deep curiosity about the enigmatic figure that was Carolyn Bessette. Throughout the 1990s, her fashion choices and personal interests captured the attention of the public. Even today, the desire to uncover every detail about her life remains strong. Sadly, the final years leading up to her untimely demise in July 1999 were plagued with constant fear and unease.

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In her book “No One Tells You This,” Glynnis MacNicol shared an interesting anecdote about encountering Bessette in New York. MacNicol observed Bessette’s body language, which seemed to convey a heightened sense of paranoia.

“I used to spot Bessette on the sidewalks of Tribeca from time to time. The first encounter was when she was walking ahead of me, and what caught my attention was her constant nervous glances over her shoulder. It wasn’t until later that I recognized her; she was wearing flared jeans with the hem let down, a cropped black leather jacket, and her beautiful blonde hair flowing down her back. It dawned on me that she might have thought I was chasing her because I was walking at such a brisk pace,” she shared in her article for Town and Country. “To put her mind at ease, I decided to cross the street. As I did, I noticed she paused to help some unsuspecting tourists with directions before disappearing into a cab.”

She added, “A few minutes later, the cab passed by me, and I noticed that Bessette was sitting low in the back seat, with her head turned away from the window.”

From the way she acted and carried herself, it was evident that she was extremely paranoid and cautious to avoid the paparazzi. According to eyewitnesses, this fear intensified even more following the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997.


JFK Jr did try to make a statement to help alleviate the paparazzi’s intrusion into his wife’s life. However, they didn’t make many changes to their lifestyle at home. MacNicol noted that their Tribeca building had no doorman, and they didn’t have private cars or personal drivers. Carolyn had to navigate the sidewalks on her own each day, which became increasingly daunting.

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