Couple recalls Flaco the owl paying visit to their NYC apartment

Flaco the owl pays a visit to NYC apartment, couple recalls the experience

Little did Nan Knighton know that the magnificent creature perched on her apartment windowsill, gazing intently at her, was none other than bird royalty.

According to Knighton, the moment she appeared, he would turn his head around and acknowledge her presence. She described the subject of her admiration as the most stunning creature she had ever laid eyes on.

John Breglio, Knighton’s spouse, was present when Flaco, the beloved Eurasian eagle-owl, unexpectedly arrived at their Upper East Side residence.

According to Breglio, “He had his eyes locked on us, almost like a protective measure. It was as if he was questioning what we were going to do.”

In February, Flaco gained sudden notoriety when his enclosure in the Central Park Zoo was opened by vandals, causing him to make headlines.

When the mission first began, the primary objective was to apprehend him and return him to captivity. He had been confined since 2012, but now that he’s on the loose, there are concerns that he may be struck by a vehicle or consume a rat tainted with poison.

Despite the attempts to relocate him, Flaco was determined to stay in the park and continue his life there. He was even seen roaming around the Lower East Side, proving that he is a survivor. This was evident when he paid a surprise visit to Knighton and Breglio on Tuesday, looking as healthy and active as ever.

After some time, the couple discovered the true uniqueness of the owl and momentarily looked away from the bird. In that brief moment, the owl vanished without a trace.

According to Breglio, it’s fascinating how an animal like an owl can bring people together instead of a politician or any other person. “Who would have thought that an animal could have such a unifying effect,” he muses.

Investigative reporter Dan Krauth from 7 On Your Side has discovered that the city is experiencing significant delays in readying apartments for new tenants.

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