Hawaiian Airlines West Coast to Hawaii for $62 each way

Hawaiian Airlines Offers West Coast to Hawaii Flights for $62 One Way or 4,600 Ultimate Rewards Points

If you want to escape to Hawaii this Fall, you’re in luck! Southwest Airlines isn’t the only airline offering affordable fares to the Aloha state. Hawaiian Airlines has also launched a fantastic cash fare sale for flights from the US West Coast to various Hawaiian Islands. It’s hard to resist, with prices starting at just $62 one-way from California and $72 from Phoenix. Midwestern cities are also included in the sale, with fares ranging from $110 to $120. However, if you’re travelling from the East Coast, the fares may not be as budget-friendly, starting at around $350. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience all Hawaii offers at an unbeatable price.

Earlier today, Dan’s Deals reported that Hawaiian Airlines was offering nonstop flights to the Hawaiian Islands from Los Angeles for as low as $61 one-way. However, it turns out that this deal extends to many or most of Hawaiian’s routes. The basic economy option is the cheapest, which includes a complimentary carry-on but no seat selection and a $30 checked bag fee. If you’re checking bags, it may be worth upgrading to the regular economy for an extra $40 each way to get seat selection and the free carry-on.

You have a good chance of securing a seat on a flight between late October and early December and mid-January to early March. Although limited seats are available on each flight, you can take advantage of the 24-hour refund policy if you need to cancel your booking. So, if you’re considering a trip to the beach anytime soon, act fast and book your flights now.

If you happen to be a Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholder, you can access these flights on the Chase Travel Portal for approximately $70, which means you can reserve them for around 4,600 points.

If you happen to be residing on the West Coast, then this sale is worth checking out. It’s an excellent opportunity to save some money on your travel expenses. However, don’t forget that Southwest also has a fare sale today. It’s a good idea to compare both sales and see which offers the best deal based on your specific departure airport and travel dates.

All travel portals are displaying these flights. When booking through the Chase Portal, you may need to pay an additional ~$8 per flight, but you can use your Ultimate Rewards points for booking at around 4,600 points per way if you have a Sapphire Reserve card. Altitude Reserve cardholders can also make the most of their real-time mobile rewards during this time.

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