In 2018, 39-year-old Donna Calloway, a disabled mother of eight from Alabama, Disappeared after she left her home.

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In June 2018, an Alabama woman disappeared from her home and has not been seen by her family since then. When her family members were unable to locate 39-year-old Donna Calloway, her sister contacted the authorities. However, Calloway’s sister was unable to file an official missing persons report until August 2019, as reported by the Montgomery Advertiser. At the time of her disappearance, Calloway was a mother of eight children.

According to a case from Calloway’s National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (MP61819), no one was informed of her travel plans when she left her home in Montgomery County. She is 5 ft. 3 in. tall and weighs 119lb. Additionally, she has a tattoo of the name “Michelle” on her left leg and the name “Annie” along with a rose on her left thigh.

In 2020, MA had a conversation with Kawonna Abner, Calloway’s sister. Kawonna has been the primary caretaker of her sister’s eight children for most of their lives.

During the conversation with MA, Abner provided additional information about her sister. According to the article, she stated:

Calloway has an intellectual disability, Abner said. She’s had different cleaning jobs, is able to cook and was able to help with household tasks, but is easily persuaded. If she were in a bad situation, she wouldn’t stick up for herself.

Even though Calloway did not have her children full-time, she still made sure to see them regularly. Initially, authorities speculated that she had left to begin a new life for the sake of her children. However, her sister strongly disagreed with this theory. According to Abner, it is possible that her sister was coerced into becoming a victim of human trafficking in Alabama or the surrounding states.

As of December 2023, Calloway remains missing, and authorities have not received any new leads. If you have any information, please contact 334-241-2651.

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