Judge shocked by the incredible severity of man who abducted and tormented woman discovered in tiny plastic container beneath his porch

A 31-year-old man in Ohio will be imprisoned for more than a decade for kidnapping and detaining a 60-year-old lady against her will, severely beating and stabbing the victim before locking her in a small black plastic storage container, an ordeal she miraculously survived. Prosecutors verified to Law&Crime that Common Pleas Court Judge Hollie Lauren Gallagher sentenced Dalontay R. Edmond-Geiger to 16 to 20 years in a state penitentiary prison for the heinous acts.

On October 30, Edmond-Geiger pleaded guilty to several charges, including kidnapping, felonious assault, tampering with evidence, and possessing weapons while under disability.

Gallagher sentenced the perpetrator to eight to 12 years for the kidnapping charge and eight years for the felonious assault charge, to be served consecutively. Additionally, the tampering with evidence and firearms charges led to 30-month sentences, to be served concurrently with the longer sentences.

In order to avoid a charge of attempted murder, Edmond-Geiger agreed to plead guilty to the crimes mentioned above.

Cuyahoga County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Bringman expressed his strong sentiment during the sentencing hearing, stating that the case was characterized by cruelty, barbarism, and disturbing actions. He further emphasized that the level of torture, mistreatment, and cruelty inflicted upon the victim was rarely witnessed.

Bringman also discussed how the victim was mistreated by Edmond-Geiger in a callous manner.

“When we watched the bodycam footage, it was equally disturbing to hear the defendant casually say, ‘she’s in the tote,’ just moments before they found her,” he explained. “At that moment, he showed no remorse for the terrible things he had done to her.”

Gallagher echoed Bringman’s sentiment, expressing to the court that instances exemplifying such ruthless behavior are rare occurrences.

Judge Gallagher, who has served on the bench for almost two decades, expressed her astonishment at the unprecedented nature of the offense. She remarked, “In all my years as a judge, I have never encountered a case like this. I have presided over countless kidnappings and felonious assaults, but nothing of this magnitude.” Her statement, as reported by Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC, highlights the severity and uniqueness of the situation.

During the court proceedings, the victim, who had a pre-existing friendship with Edmond-Geiger prior to the attack, had the opportunity to address the court via video conference.

According to Shaker Heights, Ohio, CBS affiliate WOIO, she confidently stated, “I refuse to be his victim because he is a victim of his own actions. I don’t consider myself a survivor, but rather someone who continues to live and thrive despite the challenges.” Despite being left mostly paralyzed from the assault, she revealed that the attack was a result of Edmond-Geiger blaming her for his legal troubles at that time.

Officers from the Cleveland Police Department discovered a woman being held against her will by Edmond-Geiger inside a residence on West 97th Street on the night of May 2, as stated in an affidavit of probable cause obtained by Law&Crime.

According to court records, the residence of Edmond-Geiger is located on West 97th Street.

According to the police, the victim, whose identity has not been revealed, was found unconscious and in need of a ventilator to help with her breathing. The document further states that she also sustained several fractures at the back of her head.

Earlier in the day on May 2, at approximately 3:30 p.m., a concerned woman made a call to the authorities from a corner store. She reported that another woman was tied up in the basement of a nearby home. This call set in motion a series of events that would lead the police to a disturbing discovery.

Upon receiving the call, officers arrived at the residence and came face-to-face with Edmond-Geiger. After a brief 30-minute delay, Edmond-Geiger eventually granted the officers permission to search his basement. However, their search yielded no signs of a victim, only an air mattress.

During the first visit, Edmond-Geiger was in the process of moving the victim from room to room in order to evade the police.

Later in the evening, the police had a conversation with a woman who was acquainted with the area. She confidently stated that she had knowledge of Edmond-Geiger assaulting a woman and keeping her in his basement. She even mentioned that he had shown her photos of the alleged assault, labeling the victim as a “snitch.” This information provided the investigators with additional evidence of potential criminal activity.

Officers returned to the residence in the early hours of May 3 to speak with Edmond-Geiger again.

While in the living room, an officer allegedly heard moaning sounds coming from an unidentified source.

As the moaning persisted, Edmond-Geiger reportedly increased the volume of the radio playing on his phone, raising suspicions that led the officer to inquire further.

According to the police, Edmond-Geiger eventually admitted that there was a woman hiding under the porch in a small storage container. The authorities discovered her tightly packed inside a compact black tote.

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