Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore

List Of Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore (2023)

Baltimore is renowned for its blue-collar spirit, colonial past, and exceptional seafood. However, it also has a notorious image for being a hub of violent crime; unfortunately, this reputation is not unfounded. Despite being a significant economic and cultural centre in the region, the city’s crime rate is notably higher than the national average. If you are planning to move to Baltimore, it’s best to steer clear of these ten neighbourhoods considered to be the worst in terms of safety and security.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore

1. Middle East

Located in East Baltimore, the Middle East neighbourhood is considered the most dangerous neighbourhood in Baltimore. Despite its proximity to Johns Hopkins Medical Center, the neighbourhood has succumbed to extensive urban decay, with entire streets being almost abandoned. With a crime rate of 10,945 per 100,000, Middle East Baltimore has a crime rate that is 445% higher than the Maryland state average. The property crime rate is alarmingly high in this area, and it is also considered one of the most violent neighbourhoods in Baltimore, making it a place to avoid.

2. Fairfield

The Fairfield neighbourhood in Baltimore is known to be one of the most difficult areas in the city. Despite having a small population of only 530 residents, the crime rate is shockingly high, 391% more than the state average. Fairfield is plagued by poverty, urban decay, and an inadequate range of services. The rate of property crimes is alarmingly high, and the violent crime rate is an astounding 667% more than the national average.

3. West Baltimore

Located near the University of Maryland’s downtown campuses, West Baltimore is,, unfortunately, one of the worst neighbourhoods in Baltimore. With a crime rate that is 350% above the national average, it’s not a safe place to live. In addition to this, West Baltimore has some of the lowest-ranked schools and employment prospects in the city, with a significant number of residents living below the poverty line. Even though there have been recent renovation projects, West Baltimore remains one of the most violent neighbourhoods in the city.

4. East Monument Historic District

The Bohemian Community of the early 20th century is what the East Monument Historic District in Baltimore is known for. This artistic neighbourhood has a rich history of both European immigration and African-American culture, which has earned it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. However, the community is currently grappling with a significant crime problem. The violent crime rate in this area is 317% higher than the national average, making it a cause for concern.

5. Pulaski

Pulaski, a Baltimore neighbourhood, is notorious for its high crime rate despite its small size, with only 475 residents. Shockingly, the total crime rate in Pulaski is 307% higher than the national average, partly due to the lack of access to education and employment opportunities in the area. While the National Aquarium is located in Pulaski, visitors are advised to exercise caution and avoid straying too far from the building complex.

6. Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill, the home to Baltimore’s most significant public housing project, has a crime rate 291% higher than the state average. Gang activity is rampant in this area, with violent crime and drug trafficking being the norm. The local gangs have been infamous for causing repeated trouble for the neighbourhood residents. Unfortunately, many residents live at or below the poverty level, which is reflected in the average home price, which is merely $74,538.

7. Greenmount East 

With a population of 11,041, Greenmount East is notorious for having a total crime rate that is 277% higher than the national average. This neighbourhood is infamous for its high incidences of burglary, theft, and gang-related activities in Baltimore. Shootings and assaults are frequent occurrences in this area, making residents feel unsafe and unprotected by the police. Travelling through Greenmount East on foot is not advisable due to the high crime rate.

8. Greater Rosemont

Greater Rosemont is an overlooked and neglected neighbourhood in Baltimore known for its high crime rates and lack of resources. Despite having a population of 18,664, Greater Rosemont has a crime rate exceeding the national average by 202%. Shockingly, some of the buildings in the area are so poorly maintained that they have collapsed and caused fatalities. While Greater Rosemont may not have the highest crime rate in the city, it is still advisable to steer clear of this neighbourhood.

9. Grove Park

Grove Park, located in Baltimore, is a neighbourhood that poses a high risk to its residents. With a population of 1,872, the crime rate here is 187% higher than the Maryland average. Despite some attempts to construct new housing in the area, much of Grove Park has succumbed to urban decay. Unfortunately, violent crimes like robbery, assault, and murder are far more frequent in this neighbourhood than in other parts of the country.

10. Sandtown-Winchester

Sandtown-Winchester, a community located in West Baltimore, is home to many residents who are struggling below the poverty line. The area is also impacted by a high unemployment rate, almost double the city’s average. Consequently, Sandtown faces various challenges, such as drug trafficking, gang activity, and widespread property theft. Furthermore, this community has a history of unrest and is the exact location where the violent 2015 Freddie Gray riots took place.

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