Maine Federal Prison Inmate Charged With Murder Caught On Camera At East Harlem Liquor Store

Maine Federal Prison Inmate Charged With Murder Caught On Camera At East Harlem Liquor Store

Ucreview – According to authorities, a person who was previously convicted and serving time in a federal prison in Maine for a gun-related offense has recently been accused of murder. The incident in question took place at an East Harlem liquor store and was captured on camera last year. Police made this announcement on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Camby Wilson was extradited to New York City and charged with murder and gun possession. The charges stem from the alleged killing of Shaquell Gainey, who was 25 years old at the time of his death on February 25, 2022.

According to federal officials, 24-year-old Wilson was found guilty of federal firearm charges in Bangor, Maine. In May, he was given a sentence of 24 months in prison.

According to police reports, a man dressed in black spotted Gainey as he exited I.C. Liquors Inc on First Ave. near E. 115th St. The assailant then pulled out a firearm and proceeded to open fire.

The gunman followed Gainey back into the store but quickly ran back out.

According to the video footage, Gainey exited the store just a minute and a half after the incident, with his yellow hoodie now stained with blood from where he had been shot. He discarded his jacket onto the floor before entering the adjacent deli, where he collapsed near the glass door.

Gainey took a sip from a jug of water he had found and continued to do so for the next 90 seconds. Despite one customer retrieving his jacket, no one offered to provide him with any aid.

In a heartbreaking video, a man carrying a small child is seen stepping over Gainey as he lay on the ground. Despite being rushed to Harlem Hospital, Gainey tragically could not be saved.

As he was only a block away from his residence in the Jefferson Houses, Gainey was shot.

According to authorities, Wednesday, the shooting was linked to gang activity. However, no additional information has been disclosed at this time.

According to records, Wilson completed his sentence for a Manhattan weapon conviction and was released on parole in April 2021, after spending over a year in state prison.

Several weeks after supposedly shooting Gainey, Wilson was riding in a vehicle that Augusta, Maine police officers stopped.

As the cops requested Wilson to step out of the car, he provided them with a fake name. Upon being inquired if he was carrying any weapons, he fled, but the officers caught him following a quick pursuit on foot.

Federal officials have reported that a loaded .380 caliber pistol was discovered in his jacket pocket by officers. It is worth noting that his conviction for weapon possession in New York legally prohibits him from carrying a firearm.

According to federal officials, Wilson was located by NYPD detectives in a federal prison in Maine, where he was serving a two-year sentence for a firearms arrest in Bangor.

According to the police, Gainey had a history of arrests on his record, which included charges of robbery and possession of weapons.

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