Malik Smiley received his bachelor’s degree from Alabama State University

Congratulations are in order for our very own RSMS son, Malik Smiley, as he officially becomes a member of the 2023 graduating class!

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Today, Malik has joined the ranks of notable HBCU graduates, including his father Rickey Smiley, as he recently graduated from Alabama State University. What’s even more impressive is that he graduated with honors! Malik takes this opportunity to express his gratitude towards his family, mentors, and everyone who has supported and influenced his success. Looking ahead, he has big dreams of pursuing graduate school and law school, with the ultimate goal of practicing injury and criminal law.

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Congrats! Malik Smiley Graduates with Honors from Alabama State University

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Alabama State University, located in Marion, Ala., was established in 1867 as a school dedicated to educating African-Americans. Initially known as the Lincoln Normal School, it was founded with a modest sum of $500, which was raised by nine men who were formerly enslaved and are now known as the Marion Nine. This remarkable historical background makes ASU one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States that was specifically established for black Americans. Presently, Alabama State University, situated in Montgomery, Ala., is renowned as a prestigious and globally recognized institution of higher learning that warmly welcomes students from all racial backgrounds.

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