Marjorie Taylor-Greene Needs Mass Government Layoffs: “There Are Plenty of Jobs” in the Private Sector

Some suggest MTG should go first

In late December, as the holiday season was coming to an end and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Georgia’s outspoken and controversial Republican, was preparing to resume her work, it seems that she has been influenced by recent events happening worldwide, particularly in Argentina.

In response to a Twitter post announcing the recent layoffs of approximately 5,000 government employees by Argentina’s newly appointed President Javier Milei, Georgia’s MTG expressed her belief that the United States should follow suit.

The outspoken Georgia Republican expressed his thoughts on the application of the same policy to federal employees.

“This is the way and we should do the same. Release them to the private sector, there are plenty of jobs.”

In a rather amusing twist, Taylor-Greene shares a common sentiment with her competitor for the Republican presidential nomination, Ron DeSantis. Both have expressed their support for reducing waste and excessive bureaucracy in government through mass-layoffs. This curious coincidence was highlighted by Taylor-Greene’s tweet on December 27.

If he succeeds in reaching the White House, DeSantis declared this week that he would not hesitate to streamline the government, just as he has done in Florida.

‘Reign In The Spending!’: Ron DeSantis Calls To Drain The Swamp And Tighten Government Budgets

It remains uncertain if Marjorie Taylor-Greene will face any criticism from her political idol, the one-term former president Donald Trump, for expressing support for an idea that DeSantis also favors.

MTG suffering from the shock of being ‘swatted’?

Over the holiday season, the Georgia Republican aimed to return to Congress and work on passing new legislation in the upcoming year. However, her much-needed rest was interrupted by a series of prank calls that resulted in her home and her family’s homes being ‘swatted’ several times.

On December 27, MTG took to Twitter to confirm that she and her family had fallen victim to yet another ‘swatting’ incident. This time, the police SWAT team was sent to the home of a family member in response to a prank phone call. It was the same day she had expressed support for Milei’s proposal to carry out mass government layoffs.

Marjorie Taylor Greene victim of 8th swatting on Christmas Day | FOX 5 News

Taylor-Greene expressed her strong displeasure after being repeatedly targeted by pranksters. She has indicated her intention to introduce new legislation upon Congress reconvening after the holidays in order to address and prevent such harassment.

Over the holidays, it appears that Georgia’s MTG wasn’t the only one who experienced being ‘swatted’. Florida’s Republican Senator Rick Scott also expressed his anger on Twitter after being targeted in a similar attack. This raises the question of whether these controversial Republicans are facing backlash from individuals who are displeased with their actions and choices in 2023.

Are there plenty of jobs available?

It is unclear whether there are indeed “plenty of jobs” available in the private sector, as MTG has suggested. However, as a business owner herself, Taylor-Greene is likely familiar with the economic challenges that many Americans are currently facing.

She should be aware of the challenges, especially because she faced criticism earlier this year for receiving more than $180,000 in government loans to rescue one of her businesses, which were later forgiven.

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