Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh (2023)

Pittsburgh is a city with a rich history and a reputation for great sports teams and delicious cuisine. However, like many cities, certain areas should be approached with caution. Most of the dangerous neighbourhoods in Pittsburgh are situated on the city’s north side, although there are a few exceptions. If you’re interested in finding out which areas to avoid, keep reading to learn about the worst neighbourhoods for crime in Pittsburgh.

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

1. Strip District

Located just outside downtown Pittsburgh, the Strip District is considered the most dangerous neighborhood. With a population of 714, the total crime rate in this area is 14,961 per 100,000, which is a staggering 538% higher than the US average. The Strip District is known for its high incidence of violent crime, including a murder rate that is well above the Pennsylvania state average. Additionally, drug activity, auto theft, and other petty crimes are everyday in this neighbourhood.

2. Crawford Roberts

In Pittsburgh’s Hill District, Crawford Roberts is a neighbourhood known for its high crime rates. Despite having a population of only 2,259, this area is considered one of the most dangerous in the city. The crime rate here is 332% higher than the national average, making it a place where residents and visitors must be vigilant. Violent crimes, including murder, assault, and robbery, are all too common here. And property crimes are also a major concern, with car and personal thefts happening frequently. As a result, residents are advised not to leave their personal belongings in their vehicles and to take extra precautions to protect themselves and their property.

3. Northview Heights

Northview Heights, situated in the northern part of Pittsburgh, is notorious for being one of the city’s most hazardous neighbourhoods. This public housing project has a population of only 1,325, but its crime rate is 267% higher than the national average. Additionally, many Northview Heights residents live below the poverty line, with the median income being a mere $12,742. Violent crimes, such as gang activity, drug trafficking, and frequent property theft, plague the neighbourhood.

4. Troy Hill

On the north side of Pittsburgh, Troy Hill is a working-class neighbourhood with a population of 1,482. The area is known for the popular art exhibit, La Hutte Royal. However, the neighbourhood has a high crime rate of 7,277 per 100,000, 258% higher than the Pennsylvania state average. Despite this, the median household income in Troy Hill is $58,700.

5. Spring Hill-City View 

Spring Hill City View is near Northview Heights, offering breathtaking skyline views of Pittsburgh. However, it has been noted that the crime rate in this area is 216% higher than the state average. Despite being a popular spot for local photographers, Spring Hill-City View has a high incidence of property crimes, and violent crimes, including assaults and occasional homicides, are not uncommon.

6. Middle Hill

Located west of downtown, Middle Hill is known for being one of the most violent neighbourhoods in Pittsburgh. With a population of 2,062, the neighbourhood is part of Pittsburgh’s Hill District and has a crime rate that’s 207% higher than the US average. Despite its rich history as a music and cultural hub, Middle Hill struggles with property crime, including theft, break-ins, and car theft. Drug trafficking is also a regular occurrence, making safety a top concern for residents.

7. California-Kirkbride

Located on Pittsburgh’s north side, the California-Kirkbride neighbourhood is a historic community boasting many architecturally significant buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Despite its small population of just 707 people, the neighbourhood has unfortunately been plagued with a high crime rate that is 203% higher than the Pennsylvania state average. Common crimes in California-Kirkbride include assault, burglary, car theft, and drug trafficking.

8. East Allegheny

Located on Pittsburgh’s north side, East Allegheny is a neighbourhood that poses a considerable risk to its 1,325 residents. With a crime rate of 3,578 per 100,000, 76% higher than Pennsylvania’s average, East Allegheny is not to be taken lightly. Despite not being the most dangerous part of the city, it still experiences violent crimes like assaults, muggings, and occasional homicides. Nevertheless, the neighbourhood is also home to some of the city’s oldest buildings, making it a historically significant area.

9. Allentown

Allentown, located in southern Pittsburgh near downtown, is considered one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the area, with a population of 2,342. Crime has been a long-standing issue in this neighbourhood, but recent revitalization efforts have helped reduce it to some extent. Despite this, the total crime rate in Allentown is 31% higher than the state average, with a rate of 2,670 per 100,000 people. While violent crime does occur, property crime remains the primary concern in Allentown.

10. East Hills

Located on the east side of Pittsburgh, East Hills is a working-class neighbourhood with a population of 2,683 and a median home value of $67,138. Crime in the area primarily relates to theft and property crime, although incidents of violent crimes such as assault, robbery, and occasional homicide do occur.

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