Multiple suspects ambushed victim while they were taking out the trash

On November 25th, around 10 p.m., a 37-year-old man fell victim to a robbery while he was simply taking out his trash. As he was disposing of his garbage, an individual approached him and asked for the time.

While taking out his trash near the 400 block of Boyle, the victim was approached by a man who inquired about the time. In response, the victim reached into his pocket to retrieve his cell phone. However, to his dismay, the suspect swiftly brandished a handgun and pressed it against the victim’s side.

The victim experienced an unfortunate incident where three to four more suspects approached him, forcibly took his belongings, and proceeded to search him. The victim promptly informed authorities that the suspects swiftly escaped in a northern direction towards Boyle. Law enforcement continues to actively investigate this matter.

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