Owner of pool company convicted for attacking thief

Owner of pool company convicted for attacking thief

John David Sparks, the owner of a pool business, in Bakersfield, California, took matters into his own hands when he caught a burglar and restrained him using zip-ties. Instead of calling law enforcement right away, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He and his adult sons administered a beating first. According to sheriff’s reports on the incident, which was captured on surveillance footage, they punched, kicked, and pistol-whipped the man, hit him with a flashlight, pepper-sprayed him in the face, and struck him with what seemed to be a circular saw. They waited 45 minutes before dialing 911.

Pool company owner sentenced for assaulting thief

The would-be thief suffered a fractured nose, many broken teeth, a major gash to his head that required stitches, and bruises all over his body as a result of the assault.

The consequences of the situation were dire for Sparks and his sons, as they were now confronted with the possibility of being charged with a felony.

Last Friday, Sparks, 51, was sentenced to a year in prison and two years probation on Friday after pleading no contest to four felony charges: assault with a gun, assault with a deadly weapon other than a gun, false imprisonment with violence, and assault with force likely to result in great bodily injury.

Following his sentencing, he was promptly placed under arrest and taken into custody.

In July, Brenden and Trenton Sparks pleaded no contest in court. The sons were charged with misdemeanour assault but agreed to the plea deal in exchange for one year of probation and 240 hours of community service.

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