Passenger in DC Lyft ride suffers critical injuries

Passenger in DC Lyft ride suffers critical injuries following collision with stolen car

A visitor in D.C. had a harrowing experience during their Lyft ride that turned out to be disastrous. The unimaginable happened when a stolen car crashed into the Lyft they were in on Florida Avenue NW, resulting in grave injuries to the passenger. The entire event was covered in detail by NBC4 Washington, and you can watch the full story to learn more.

Check out this video clip from NBC4 Washington that shows a visitor to DC getting seriously injured after a Lyft driver was hit by a stolen car. The video is embedded below:

Visitor to DC seriously hurt after driver in stolen car hits Lyft | NBC4 Washington

A woman who was visiting Washington D.C. suffered serious injuries after a stolen vehicle collided with the Lyft car she was traveling in.

Jasmine Harris, the woman involved in the incident, is currently in the hospital and her condition remains critical. She is putting up a brave fight for her life.

Harris has sustained significant injuries, including head trauma and broken bones, which will necessitate surgical intervention and extensive rehabilitation to ensure a full recovery.

According to reports, the individuals who were in the stolen vehicle quickly left the area and there have been no arrests made at this time.

Harris’ medical bills are being assisted through the creation of a GoFundMe page.

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