Wichita woman rammed vehicle into ex-boyfriend’s house while he was inside, police say

Police say Wichita woman crashed her vehicle into ex-boyfriend’s house while he was inside

Police have reported that a woman from Wichita, aged 46, has been arrested for allegedly driving her vehicle into her ex-boyfriend’s home multiple times while he was inside. This is a serious incident, and thankfully, no one was injured. It is unclear what the motive was for her actions, but the authorities are investigating the matter and will ensure that justice is served. It is important to remember that violence is never the answer, and there are always better ways to deal with conflicts.

According to police records, Rhashida Bianca Bailey was taken into custody at her residence on Saturday. She is suspected of committing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and causing criminal damage to property. Her home is located approximately half a mile away from the location of the incident, which occurred in the 2200 block of North Prince, near 21st and Grove.

Authorities were alerted and responded to the situation at 4:23 p.m. on Saturday. After a few hours, she was taken into custody for further questioning.

According to a police report, a man claimed that a woman had repeatedly crashed her car into his home while he was inside, causing a significant amount of damage totaling $6000. The incident was witnessed by a nearby neighbor, although their identity remains unknown.

According to the report on criminal property damage, the incurred damage was valued at under $1,000.

On Sunday, she was able to secure her release from jail by posting a bond worth $100,000.

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