Safest Neighborhoods in Detroit

The Top 8 Safest Neighborhoods To Live in Detroit (2023)

Despite its reputation for crime, there are still safe neighbourhoods within Detroit. Violent crime rates have been historically high, but not all city areas are affected equally. If you’re considering moving to Detroit in 2023, knowing which neighbourhoods offer a safer atmosphere is worth knowing. Keep reading to find out where the safest places to live in Detroit are located.

8 Safest Neighborhoods in Detroit

Palmer Woods

Palmer Woods is undoubtedly the most secure neighbourhood in Detroit. It is a historic locality situated adjacent to Woodward Avenue. The neighbourhood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and provides easy access to the Detroit Golf Club. Many of the city’s professionals have chosen Palmer Woods as their residence due to its safety and peaceful environment. According to the statistics of 2022, the crime rate in Palmer Woods is 2,059 per 100,000, which is 10% lower than the national average. This implies that Palmer Woods is the most secure place to live in Detroit, and residents can enjoy a comfortable and safe lifestyle.


Corktown is recognized as one of the safest neighborhoods in Detroit, with a population of 592, and is 8% safer than the national average.  Corktown is listed on the National Register of Historic Place as the oldest neighbourhood in the citys. Over the years, Corktown has undergone several reconstruction projects, including Tiger Stadium, UIS Irish Plana, and multiple multi-use complexes since 2005. If you plan to visit Corktown, it’s just a short drive from Downtown Detroit.

Marina District

Located just outside the bustling centre of Detroit, the Marina District is a secure and peaceful community that boasts a population of 386. Crime rates are low in this area, with incidents of violent crime being rare. The median home price in the Marina District is $168,200, higher than the Detroit average. Despite this, it remains more affordable than the state average. As its name suggests, the community is close to several local marinas and offers an array of dining options in the surrounding area.


Rivertown, situated along the Detroit International Riverfront, is widely regarded as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Detroit. The area has a small population of just 925 residents, boasting a low violent crime rate of 871 and a property crime rate of 1,294 per 100,000 people. With its easy access to Downtown Detroit, Rivertown is a popular tourist destination. The Riverfront offers a range of attractions, including a cruise ship dock, a marina, parks, restaurants, and various shops, making it a great place to visit.

Midtown Detroit

Midtown Detroit, situated along the east and west sides of Woodward Avenue, is a bustling residential and commercial district with a population of 8,324. Its proximity to downtown makes it a prime location for those who crave the hustle and bustle of city life. Despite being part of a significant city, Midtown has a relatively low crime rate of 2,156 per 100,000, below the national average. Though there are occasional property crime incidents, residents generally feel safe in Midtown.

Downtown Detroit

The heart of Detroit, Downtown Detroit, is where all the business action takes place. With a solid and visible police presence, it is considered one of the safest neighbourhoods in the city. The population of Downtown Detroit is 4,983, and it boasts an impressively low crime rate compared to other areas in the city. Residents here have only a 1 in 48 chance of being a victim of any crime, which is 5% lower than the average rate in the US. One of the main highlights of Downtown Detroit is its historic architecture and stunning skyline, with prominent buildings like the Renaissance Center, the Penobscot Building, and several theatres that showcase turn-of-the-century style.

West Side Industrial

The West Side, located next to downtown Detroit, has a population of 399. Despite being situated in Detroit, the West Side boasts of having one of the lowest violent crime rates in the area. Property crime is also significantly common at 1,208 per 100,000, making it one of the safest neighbourhoods in Detroit. With its industrial past, the West Side offers an intriguing sightseeing experience. In recent years, the neighbourhood has undergone various renovation projects with the building of many homes and apartments.

New Center

Located near Midtown, New Center is considered one of the safest neighbourhoods in Detroit. Boasting a population of 1,038, this commercial and residential area has a rich history, having been built as a business hub in the 1920s. The neighbourhood’s architecture reflects that era, adding to its charm. The economy of New Center is driven primarily by the local College for Creative Studies and the Henry Ford Health System.

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