State Supreme Court Justice in Wisconsin Unlikely to Face Impeachment for Redistricting, Says Leader’s Pivot

The leader of Wisconsin’s Assembly, a Republican, previously expressed his intention to possibly impeach a newly appointed liberal state Supreme Court justice due to her stance on redistricting. However, he has now changed his stance, stating that the likelihood of such an impeachment is very low.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos initially issued a threat of impeachment against Justice Janet Protasiewicz when she declined to recuse herself from the redistricting challenge. The challenge, supported by Democrats aiming to invalidate the electoral maps drawn by Republicans, prompted Vos to consider impeachment based on Protasiewicz’s rulings.

Wisconsin’s Assembly districts are considered to be among the most gerrymandered in the country. The analysis conducted by the Associated Press reveals that Republicans consistently secure a significantly higher number of seats than what would be anticipated based on their average share of the vote.

During a recent interview, Vos was questioned about the possibility of impeaching Protasiewicz if she were to issue an order for new maps to be drawn. In response, Vos expressed his belief that such a scenario is highly unlikely.

According to Vos, impeachment is considered one of the tools available in their arsenal that could potentially be utilized if needed. However, he believes that the likelihood of it being employed is extremely low.

Vos, on the other hand, declined to dismiss the possibility.

“We can’t predict what might happen, you know?” he mused. “There’s always the possibility of a scandal or something unexpected occurring. It’s hard to say for certain.”

According to Ben Wikler, the Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, Vos’ comments indicate that his attempt to overturn a Supreme Court election through an unfounded impeachment has failed.

The Wisconsin Constitution specifically states that impeachment is reserved for instances of “corrupt conduct in office, or for crimes and misdemeanors.”

In August, Vos initially raised the idea of impeachment after Protasiewicz criticized the Republican-drawn legislative boundary maps as “rigged” and “unfair” during her campaign. Despite voicing her opinion about the maps, Protasiewicz clarified that she did not make any promises or commitments regarding her ruling and chose not to recuse herself from the case.

Impeachment has faced opposition from members of both parties. In October, two former conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justices, who were asked by Vos to investigate the matter, concluded that impeachment was not necessary. Although Vos sought advice from a third retired justice, he did not disclose the details of their conversation.

If Protasiewicz were to be impeached by the Assembly and convicted by the Senate, she would be replaced by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. In the event that she was removed from office before December 1, a special election would have taken place.

The redistricting lawsuit oral arguments were heard by the Supreme Court in November, and a ruling could be issued at any moment.

In a significant development, Wisconsin Republicans have announced their plans to introduce a proposal in January that would legalize medical marijuana. This move comes as a response to the growing demand for alternative treatment options and the increasing acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate medical solution.

The proposal aims to provide patients suffering from various medical conditions with access to medical marijuana, allowing them to alleviate their symptoms and improve their quality of life. By legalizing medical marijuana, Wisconsin Republicans hope to address the needs of patients who would benefit from its therapeutic properties.

Medical marijuana has been proven to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and chemotherapy-induced nausea. It offers a natural and often safer alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medications, which can have severe side effects.

Wisconsin Republicans are taking a progressive stance on medical marijuana, recognizing its potential to improve the lives of patients and provide relief where other treatments have failed. By legalizing medical marijuana, they hope to join the growing number of states that have embraced its medical benefits.

This proposal is a significant step forward in the fight for medical marijuana legalization in Wisconsin. It demonstrates a willingness to listen to the needs of patients and explore alternative treatment options. The introduction of this proposal in January will mark an important milestone in the state’s journey towards a more compassionate and inclusive healthcare system.

With the support of Wisconsin Republicans, medical marijuana legalization has a real chance of becoming a reality. The proposal will undoubtedly spark conversations and debates among lawmakers and the public, but it represents a positive step towards providing patients with the care and relief they deserve.

The 2011 legislative electoral maps, created by the Republican-controlled Legislature, solidified the party’s majorities in the Assembly (64-35) and the Senate (22-11 supermajority). Last year, Republicans opted for maps that closely resembled the existing ones.

The lawsuit, currently under consideration by the state Supreme Court, seeks to ensure that all 132 state lawmakers are subject to election in 2024, with the districts being redrawn.

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