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Sumner County teen found safe after threatening to harm himself and others

Sumner County officials have confirmed that the 14-year-old boy, who triggered a search on Tuesday night, has returned home safely. According to a statement released by the officials, the boy is now safe and sound with his family.

On Wednesday morning, the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office thanked their community partners for their invaluable support. The heartfelt message was conveyed through a Facebook post, where they thanked their partners and appreciated their assistance. The post did not fail to highlight the importance of community support and its impact on their work.

Authorities in Sumner County, Tennessee, are currently on the lookout for a teenager who allegedly threatened to harm himself and others. The search is ongoing as law enforcement officials work to locate the individual before any harm is done.

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According to authorities, the teenager departed from a residence with an extension cord and threatened to inflict harm upon himself and those around him.

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