Texas City Awards $3.5 Million to Boy Who Witnessed Aunt Being Shot by Police at Home

A young boy who was present when his aunt was fatally shot by the police has been granted a $3.5 million settlement by a Texas city council.

Zion Carr was only eight years old when a police officer in Fort Worth fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson, who was 28, inside their family home in 2019.

According to the Dallas Morning News, she was shot through a window while babysitting Zion.

According to reports, it was said that Jefferson had accidentally burned the food she had prepared for their meal. In an attempt to remove the smell, she decided to open the doors to let fresh air into the house.

The doors being open late at night prompted a concerned neighbor to call the police.

Aaron Dean, a white individual, proceeded to the residence.

According to the BBC, Jefferson, who is Black, heard a noise outside her home and immediately reacted by grabbing her handgun. However, Dean, without any hesitation, shot Jefferson through the window, justifying his actions as self-defense.

According to the Associated Press, Carr will receive a lump sum payment and funds for his living expenses right away.

A portion of the funds will be allocated towards a college savings plan, while an additional lump sum payment will be given to him. Furthermore, he will receive annual payments until he reaches the age of 40.

Tragically, both his grandmother and mother have passed away since the shooting.

During the trial in December, Carr provided testimony in the case of Aaron Dean.

The former police officer was later convicted of manslaughter by a Fort Worth jury, resulting in a sentence of 11 years in prison.

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