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The DEC is seeking information on wild turkey sightings this month From Peoples

New York (uc review) -The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is asking for your help in reporting any wild turkey sightings you may have had during this summer. Whether you spotted them in August or any other time, the DEC is interested in hearing about them. If you have any information to share, please report your sightings by following the link provided by the DEC on their Facebook page.

Each summer, the DEC conducts the Summer Wild Turkey Sighting Survey with the aim of estimating the average number of poults (young turkeys) per turkey hen across the state. The data derived from this survey provides valuable insights into the reproductive success of wild turkeys each year and enables the DEC to forecast the fall harvest potential for this highly sought-after game bird.

The DEC is requesting for help from anyone who has spotted turkeys recently. By taking its survey, participants can assist the DEC. The survey is user-friendly and does not require individuals to take pictures of the turkeys, but simply count them. The survey includes questions about the number of different wild turkey flocks seen, their location, and the number of turkeys observed. Participants are asked to categorize the number of turkeys they saw as adult males, adult females, poults, or unknown age and sex. To ensure accurate results, the DEC requests that participants avoid reporting the same flock more than once.

According to last year’s annual survey conducted by the DEC, the number of turkey flock sighting reports received was almost double that of 2021, with a total of 2,268 reports. However, recent survey results have indicated a significant decrease in wild turkey reproductive success compared to the early 2000s and 1996 when the survey began. Based on these findings, hunters planning to go turkey hunting in 2023 should scout for foraging areas beforehand.

If you’re interested in seeing the results of the Summer Wild Turkey Sighting Surveys conducted between 2018 and 2022, you can check out the DEC’s website. The link to the page is included in this paragraph. Additionally, if you’d like to contribute to the 2023 survey by reporting any turkey sightings you come across, you can fill out the form provided at the link above.

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