A Semi-Truck Full of Baby Pigs Was Found Abandoned on an Iowa Highway. Two Weeks Later, The Driver is Still Missing.

The Driver of an Abandoned Semi-Truck Full of Baby Pigs on an Iowa Highway Remains Missing Two Weeks Later

Search teams in Iowa are regrouping to look for a missing semi-truck driver after his truck was discovered abandoned on the side of the highway, still carrying the newborn pigs he was delivering.

David Schultz, a husband and father, was last seen on November 21 in northwest Iowa, outside Sac City. Hundreds of people have combed over 100,000 acres of neighboring country in search of the trucker.

“This is not something David would do,” said Sarah, his wife, to the Sioux City Journal. “He’d never leave.” His family is his everything.”

According to KKTV, Schultz’s wallet and phone were discovered inside the truck, while his jacket was discovered nearby. According to the Sioux City Journal, the truck was switched off but not pulled over to the side of the road.

To add to the intrigue, the vehicle was found less than 10 miles from its destination, yet it was facing north when it should have been heading south.

Despite the fact that over 250 people have joined the hunt, Schultz has yet to be found. According to KKTV, the United Cajun Navy, a charity that organizes search organizations, has taken over recovery efforts.

The rescue is currently on hold until the searchers decide what to do next, according to a Facebook post from the United Cajun Navy.

The incident is currently being investigated by law authorities.

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