Spokane Washington

This City In Washington Was Just Named One Of The “Snowiest City” In The Entire Country

Spokane, Washington was just named one of the “Snowiest City” in the entire country by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The city receives an average of 58.3 inches of snow each year, making it the snowiest city in Washington state and one of the snowiest cities in the United States.

Spokane Washington


There Are A Number Of Factors That Contribute To Spokane’s Status As One Of The Snowiest Cities In The United States, Including:

Geographic location:

The Rocky Mountains are a major mountain range in North America. They stretch from Canada to Mexico and form a natural barrier between the western and eastern United States. When cold air fronts move from the west to the east, they are forced to rise over the Rocky Mountains. This causes the air to cool and condense, which can lead to snowfall.

Lake Effect Snow:

Lake-effect snow is a type of snow that occurs when cold air moves over warmer lake water. The cold air picks up moisture from the lake and releases it as snow when it reaches the colder land. Spokane is located near several lakes, including Lake Pend Oreille, Lake Coeur d’Alene, and Spokane Valley Lake. These lakes can all contribute to lake-effect snow in the city.


The higher the elevation, the colder the temperature. This is because the air pressure decreases with elevation. When the air pressure decreases, the air expands and cools. Spokane is located at an elevation of 2,349 feet above sea level, which makes it more likely to receive snow than lower elevations.

Prevailing Winds:

The prevailing winds in Spokane are from the west. These winds often bring moisture from the Pacific Ocean to the city. The moisture can then fall as rain or snow, depending on the temperature.

Here Are Some Other Cities In Washington That Are Known For Their Heavy Snowfall:

Mount Vernon: With an annual snowfall average of 40.3 inches, Mount Vernon offers a snowy retreat.

Bellingham: This city sees an average of 39.7 inches of snowfall during the winter months.

Everett: The winter months bring an average of 37.8 inches of snow to this city.

Seattle: Even the Emerald City gets a touch of winter magic with an annual average of 37.8 inches of snow.

Tacoma: Located to the south of Seattle, Tacoma experiences an average snowfall of 31.8 inches, making it another snow-covered city in Washington.

Prepare for Your Winter Adventure

Washington state, with its snow-covered cities and beautiful winter landscapes, is indeed a splendid place to visit during the winter. If you’re planning a trip to Spokane or any of these snow-kissed destinations, it’s essential to be prepared. Pack warm clothes, snow gear, and an adventurous spirit. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, attending winter festivals, or simply relishing the beauty of a snow-covered landscape, Washington promises a winter adventure like no other. So, embrace the cold and dive into the snowy paradise that Spokane and its neighboring cities offer.

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