San Luis in Arizona has been named the poorest in the state,

This Town Has Been Named the Poorest in Arizona, And Its Name Is Shocking!

The town of San Luis in Arizona has been named the poorest in the state, with a poverty rate of 23.1%. This is double the poverty rate for the entire state of Arizona. The median household income in San Luis is $41,648 per year, and only 8.4% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

San Luis is a border town located in Yuma County, Arizona. It is home to the Arizona State Prison Complex, which is one of the largest employers in the town. Other major employers include the City of San Luis, the Gadsden Elementary School District, and the San Luis Regional Detention Center.

In this article, we will explore the factors contributing to the town’s high poverty rate and the consequences it has on its residents.

The Demographics of San Luis

San Luis is home to a diverse population, with over half of its residents born outside the United States. This high rate of immigration, coupled with a low educational attainment of only 8.4% having a bachelor’s degree or higher, contributes to the town’s economic struggles.

Economic Landscape

The town relies heavily on major employers like the Arizona State Prison Complex, the City of San Luis, the Gadsden Elementary School District, and the San Luis Regional Detention Center. However, the limited job market, primarily driven by low-paying positions, exacerbates the poverty issue in San Luis.

Factors Driving Poverty in San Luis


Situated in Yuma County, San Luis faces challenges due to its remote location, making it difficult to attract businesses and create job opportunities.


High immigration, especially of low-skilled individuals, contributes to the struggle of finding well-paying jobs for the residents.


With a low educational attainment rate, residents find it challenging to compete in a job market that increasingly demands higher levels of education.

Job Market

The reliance on the Arizona State Prison Complex, with its typically low-paying jobs and limited benefits, leaves the town vulnerable to economic fluctuations.

Cost of Living

As the cost of living in San Luis rises, stagnant wages make it increasingly difficult for residents to meet their basic needs.

Additional Challenges

Lack of Affordable Housing

The rising cost of housing further strains the financial resources of San Luis residents, making it difficult for them to find affordable places to live.

Lack of Access to Healthcare

Many residents lack health insurance, hindering their ability to access necessary healthcare services.

High Crime Rate

A high crime rate not only affects the safety of residents but also deters businesses from operating effectively in the area.

Lack of Economic Opportunity

Limited economic opportunities make it challenging for residents to secure well-paying jobs and improve their financial situations.

Consequences of High Poverty

The repercussions of San Luis’ high poverty rate extend beyond economic challenges. Residents face food insecurity, homelessness, and poor health outcomes. Children may struggle in school, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

Efforts to Address Poverty

Several organizations are actively working to address the poverty problem in San Luis. The San Luis Economic Development Corporation aims to attract businesses and jobs to the town. The San Luis Community Action Agency provides essential services such as food assistance, job training, and childcare to low-income residents.

The Call for Action

While these efforts are commendable, more needs to be done to break the cycle of poverty in San Luis. A collaborative approach involving the government, businesses, and non-profit organizations is crucial to uplift the town’s residents and provide them with the opportunities they need to thrive.


San Luis, despite its shocking title as the poorest town in Arizona, is not without hope. By addressing the underlying factors contributing to its high poverty rate and fostering a supportive environment, stakeholders can make a significant impact on the lives of San Luis residents. The journey to economic recovery requires dedication, collaboration, and a shared commitment to building a brighter future for this community.

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