Kitchen Cops find 9 day old wings, rodent droppings and flies around the Valley this week

This week, Kitchen Cops have discovered 9-day-old wings, rats droppings, and flies across the Valley

The Kitchen Cops have been quite busy during the Christmas holidays, making surprise visits to numerous restaurants and businesses across north Alabama. Surprisingly, this week’s list of problem spots is one of the largest we’ve encountered in several months.

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Aki Japan on University Drive in Huntsville received the lowest score of the week, earning a 76. The score was a result of bowls, knives, and plates being stored with clean ones, which were found to be dirty. Additionally, there was a problem with the hot water at the dishwashing sink, as it did not reach a temperature higher than 85 degrees. Moreover, there were concerns regarding shrimp being stored at the wrong temperature. However, upon re-inspection a week later, all of these issues had been addressed. Despite this, the low score remains on record.

The China Cafe in Harvest received a score of 80 due to the chicken being served at the wrong temperature. Additionally, an employee was observed washing dishes in cold water without using soap and then placing them back into storage with the clean ones.

The Neighbour Quick Stop at Mastin Lake and Pulaski in Huntsville received a score of 80. The inspection report noted a few violations, including milk being stored at the wrong temperature, several chemical spray bottles without labels, and a missing food probe thermometer.

Johnny Gryll’s on Jeff Road received a score of 81 due to the absence of soap at a handwashing sink. Additionally, the establishment had issues with gnats in the building and a dirty ice machine.

The D&D Grocery located at Wall Triana and Nick Davis received a score of 81 this week. The score was given due to the absence of hot water at a sink and the presence of black mold on the soda nozzles.

Inspectors discovered that the Chipotle on University Drive had dirty dishes and improperly cooked steak. Additionally, they found that the dishwasher did not contain enough sanitizer. Despite being notified of the issue, the problem persisted when inspectors revisited the restaurant after six days. Consequently, the health department issued a notice of intent to suspend Chipotle’s license until the problem was resolved. The restaurant received a score of 82.

El Monte, located on Winchester Road, received a score of 85 during this week’s inspection. The inspectors discovered 9-day-old chicken wings stored in the refrigerator. Additionally, they observed that several food items were not adequately reheated, and the kitchen was lacking a food probe thermometer.

China One in Meridianville received a score of 85. The inspection revealed that there were no date markings on any of the food items. Additionally, the workers were found reusing cardboard lids that were previously used to hold raw chicken, to store cooked foods such as egg rolls and wontons.

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The Crossville Footmart on Highway 68 received a score of 78 during the inspection. The inspectors observed the presence of flies inside the building, mold in a drink fountain ice dispenser, and sewage on the ground in the parking lot.

The Fyffe Stop N Go on Main Street had rodent droppings in a cabinet, a sink that wasn’t working, and dead flies in several spots. Additionally, there was mold on the soda nozzles.

The Anderson Convenience Store on Highway 207 received a score of 82 this week. During the inspection, it was observed that the ice machine was dirty, the sandwich meat was not stored at the proper temperature, and there was a broken warmer.

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The Arby’s located on West 13th Street in Athens received a score of 85. During the inspection, it was noted that there were dirty soda nozzles and some food items were not at the correct temperature.

The Waffle House on Highway 31 North in Athens had dirty utensils and chipped plates. Additionally, there was a lack of time management when it came to cooking eggs. One employee had excessively long, painted nails that had to be covered. Overall, Waffle House receives a score of 85.

At LJ’s Samurai Steakhouse in Limestone County, another 85 was recorded on the score sheet. The inspection revealed a range of issues, including chipped and broken knives, numerous dirty utensils and containers, and various foods being stored at incorrect temperatures.

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