Tragic Death of Young Teen Migrant Following Crossing Southern US Border From Mexico

On Saturday, a teenage boy arrived at the United States border with Mexico, suffering from “traumatic” injuries. Despite the efforts of first responders who quickly arrived at the scene, they were unable to save him.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection staff, along with CalFire paramedics and firefighters, rushed to the border fence near Jacumba Hot Springs shortly after 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.

The boy’s injuries were not specified, but there were reports indicating his involvement in a car crash on Mexico’s side of the border.

When the boy was in need of immediate medical attention, first responders sprang into action. They wasted no time in providing him with the necessary care, including administering CPR. CalFire crews swiftly arrived on the scene and joined in the efforts to help the boy.

Tragically, despite all the efforts made, the teenager lost their life at the scene.

The incident is currently under investigation by CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

The Messenger reached out to CBP for additional comment, but a response was not received immediately.

The southwestern border is experiencing an increase in the number of migrants arriving, leading to a diversion of CBP resources towards detecting individuals crossing the fence at unofficial entry points. Meanwhile, in El Paso, migrant deaths have risen as people attempt to explore alternative routes into the United States.

The town of Jacumba Hot Springs is located along the border between Southern California and Mexico, although it does not have an official crossing point. In the past few weeks, numerous migrants have been observed in the area, patiently waiting to be picked up and processed by U.S. authorities.

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