Trump Supporters Target Colorado Judges: Is He Really The Law And Order President?

The Supreme Court judges have been receiving numerous threats of violence, including death threats and infanticide, following the Colorado ruling that removed former President Trump from the primary ballot.

The Denver police spokesperson has stated that they are currently investigating incidents targeting the Colorado Supreme Court justices. They have also emphasized their commitment to working closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate any reports of threats or harassment.

The insurrectionist behavior displayed by Donald Trump and his supporters is exactly what landed them in trouble initially. This raises an important question:

How long can the GOP continue to assert its identity as the party of law and order?

The Constitution requires that judges be relied upon to offer legal guidance. However, it appears that for Trump, this only holds true if the judges align with his views.

Republicans, from Bush to DeSantis, from KellyAnn to Nikki Haley, all claim to support law and order. However, it is worth examining their stance on vigilante violence. Despite championing the principles of law and order, none of these candidates have spoken out against vigilante violence. This raises questions about the consistency of their stance and commitment to upholding the rule of law.

When it comes to investigating these individuals, it’s clear that the FBI will have a role to play. However, the real question that needs answering is when Donald Trump, the person in charge, will step up and put an end to these actions. It’s high time he made the GOP a true party of law and order.

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