Two individuals were shot inside an East Harlem deli

Two individuals were shot inside an East Harlem deli

East Harlem (ucreview) – Earlier today, there was a shooting incident at a bodega located in East Harlem, as reported by the police.

At approximately 4:45 p.m . two men were shot inside the store situated at the intersection of East 123 Street and 3rd Avenue.

The first 23-year-old victim sustained two gunshot wounds, one in the leg and another in the stomach. The second victim, a 43-year-old, was shot once in the right leg.

In exclusive surveillance footage obtained by Eyewitness News, both victims can be seen near the store counter.

Exclusive video: 2 people shot inside deli in East Harlem

Suddenly, a third person enters, approaches the first victim, and shoots him from behind.

Following the shooting, the apparent shooter hurriedly leaves the store, unintentionally colliding with a second customer. Subsequently, the second customer is shot on the sidewalk.

The alleged shooter then swiftly returns to the bodega, grabs their bag, and flees from the scene.

Both victims were promptly transported to Harlem Hospital and are currently in serious but stable condition.

The motive behind the shooting remains unclear at this time.

Law enforcement has not made any arrests, and the investigation is ongoing.

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