Two-Time Trump Supporter Ditches Ex-President and Endorses GOP Rival, Argues Current Polling ‘Irrelevant’

Two-Time Trump Supporter Abandons Ex-President, Endorses GOP Rival, and Calls Recent Polling ‘Irrelevant’

Andrew Stein, a former supporter of Donald Trump in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, has recently withdrawn his support for his longtime ally. Instead, he has thrown his endorsement behind Nikki Haley in the upcoming GOP primary.

The late publishing magnate Jerry Finkelstein’s son, Stein, had an extensive career in New York City politics. He was a prominent Democrat who even served as the city council’s president. However, he made waves when he switched party lines to lend his support to Trump.

In a critical op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, Stein expressed his clear intention to distance himself from Trump and raised significant doubts about the former president’s chances of winning another election.

According to an opinion piece in the Journal, Mr. Trump is on track to win the Republican nomination and is currently ahead of Joe Biden in the polls. However, the mounting legal issues he faces may render these poll numbers irrelevant. The article suggests that if Mr. Trump is found guilty of any of the charges against him, voters would be left with a choice between an old felon and an old fool. Stein’s article highlights the potential impact of Mr. Trump’s legal troubles on his political future.

According to Stein, Haley has the best chance of winning over independent voters, which she believes is crucial in making the case that Trump is an electoral liability.

According to Stein, Ms. Haley has the potential to attract a wider audience among independent voters and those living in suburban areas, particularly women.

The Democrats hope he wins the nomination and is convicted of felonies, leading him to lose the presidential election. Republicans need to consolidate around Ms. Haley so they have a credible nominee who can take on any Democrat.

The Democrats are banking on their opponent winning the nomination and subsequently being convicted of felonies, resulting in his defeat in the presidential election. Meanwhile, Republicans are striving to unite behind Ms. Haley who they deem to be a strong and viable contender capable of facing off against any Democrat.

During his endorsement of Nikki Haley for president, Ben Stein praised her experience as governor of South Carolina and highlighted her impressive foreign policy knowledge and time spent on the world stage. Stein also emphasized that as a former ambassador to the United Nations, Haley possesses a rare level of expertise in foreign policy that is crucial for the next president to have.

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