The city with the highest weed consumption in New Mexico is Albuquerque

New Mexico Weed Capital: This is the city with the highest weed consumption in New Mexico

New Mexico, nestled within the heart of the American Southwest, has long held a reputation for its relaxed atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle. But beneath this surface of tranquility lies a thriving cannabis culture, one that has steadily grown in recent years.

The city with the highest weed consumption in New Mexico is Albuquerque

This article delves into the heart of Albuquerque, the city with the highest weed consumption in New Mexico, examining its historical context, legal framework, and dynamic cannabis scene.

A Historical Context:

Albuquerque’s relationship with cannabis dates back to the pre-colonial era. Indigenous communities used the plant for various purposes, including spiritual rituals and medicinal remedies. However, with the arrival of Spanish colonists in the 16th century, cannabis faced suppression and demonization. This negative perception continued through the 20th century, punctuated by federal laws like the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

Despite the challenges, Albuquerque witnessed a growing counterculture movement in the 1960s and 1970s, advocating for cannabis legalization and challenging the established norms. This movement laid the groundwork for future advancements, culminating in the decriminalization of cannabis in 2019 and its full legalization for recreational use in 2021.

Category Data Source
Total dispensaries in Albuquerque 186 (as of April 2023) ABQ-Live
Total liquor stores in Albuquerque 146 ABQ-Live
Estimated annual cannabis sales in Albuquerque $40 million (as of August 2022) ABQ News
Breakdown of cannabis sales in Albuquerque $24 million (adult-use), $16 million (medical) ABQ News
Top three strains popular in Albuquerque Maui Wowie (sativa), Afghan Kush (indica), Blue Cheese (hybrid) ABQ-Live
Tax revenue generated by cannabis sales in Albuquerque $1.6 million (as of August 2022) KRQE
Number of jobs created by the cannabis industry in Albuquerque 2,500 (estimated) ABQ-Live
Average consumer spending on cannabis in Albuquerque $120 per month KRQE

The Legal Framework:

New Mexico’s Cannabis Regulation Act (CRA) established a comprehensive legal framework for the production, distribution, testing, and sale of cannabis. The act established a Cannabis Control Division (CCD) tasked with regulating the industry and ensuring public safety.

Individuals above the age of 21 can legally possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis and cultivate up to six mature plants for personal use. Additionally, a robust licensing system allows businesses to operate in various capacities within the cannabis industry, including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail sales.

A Vibrant Cannabis Scene:

Albuquerque boasts a thriving cannabis scene, with a multitude of dispensaries, consumption lounges, and cannabis-related businesses catering to a diverse clientele. Dispensaries offer a wide range of cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more. Many dispensaries also have knowledgeable staff who can guide customers on their cannabis journey.

Consumption lounges provide a safe and comfortable space for individuals to enjoy cannabis products. These lounges offer various amenities, including comfortable seating, entertainment options, and food and beverage services.

The city is also home to a growing number of cannabis-infused restaurants and cafes, where diners can enjoy delicious food and drinks infused with cannabis. Additionally, Albuquerque hosts various cannabis-related events, such as educational workshops, industry conferences, and cannabis festivals.

Social and Economic Impact:

The legalization of cannabis has had a significant social and economic impact on Albuquerque. From creating new jobs and boosting tourism to generating tax revenue and supporting local businesses, the industry has played a crucial role in revitalizing the city’s economy.

Furthermore, the legal framework has addressed the long-standing issue of racial disparities in cannabis prohibition. By providing pathways for diverse individuals to participate in the industry, the city is working towards creating a more equitable and inclusive cannabis market.

Looking Ahead:

Albuquerque’s cannabis scene is poised for continued growth. As the industry matures, we can expect to see an even greater diversity of products, services, and businesses catering to the evolving needs of consumers. Additionally, the city is committed to promoting public education and awareness about cannabis, further fostering a safe and responsible environment for everyone.


Albuquerque’s story is a testament to the evolving landscape of cannabis in the United States. From its historical roots to its current status as a thriving cannabis hub, the city has embraced responsible legalization and witnessed the positive social and economic impact it brings. As the industry continues to mature, Albuquerque remains at the forefront, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for cannabis.


Is cannabis legal in Albuquerque?

Yes, recreational cannabis has been legal in Albuquerque since 2021 for individuals over 21.

Where can I buy cannabis in Albuquerque?

Albuquerque boasts a wide range of dispensaries offering various cannabis products. You can find licensed dispensaries listed on the city’s official website.

How much cannabis can I possess in Albuquerque?

Individuals above 21 can legally possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis.

Can I grow cannabis in Albuquerque?

Yes, you can cultivate up to six mature cannabis plants for personal use, provided they are grown in a secure and enclosed location.

Are there any cannabis consumption lounges in Albuquerque?

Yes, several consumption lounges in Albuquerque offer a safe and controlled environment to enjoy cannabis products.

What are the taxes on cannabis in Albuquerque?

There is a 16% excise tax on cannabis sales, in addition to local and state taxes.

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