72-Year-Old Man Accused of Hitting 3 at California Christmas Parade After He Sped Backwards Out of Alley

72-Year-Old Man Charged with Hitting 3 in California Christmas Parade After He Sped Backwards Out of Alley

A 72-year-old man was detained on Thursday after reportedly hitting three persons with his white pickup truck ahead of a Christmas parade in California.

In a tweet made on X, formerly known as Twitter, the Bakersfield Police Department stated that the vehicle allegedly struck with three adult pedestrians in Bakersfield, California, some 130 miles north of Los Angeles.

All three males were sent to a neighboring hospital for treatment.

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Bakersfield’s local news outlet According to reports, the males are 21, 42, and 77 years old and are in stable condition after the man allegedly plowed into them.

According to police, the motorist backed up into an alley at high speed shortly before the parade’s 6 p.m. start time on Thursday and then reportedly struck the three people.

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Officers say they saw the man backing up and apprehended him shortly after. The procession was postponed but not cancelled.

According to authorities, the investigation is still ongoing. Officers are investigating whether alcohol was involved, according to Bakersfield Now.

“Prayers are with those who have been injured,” Vice Mayor Andrae Gonzales wrote on Instagram.

3 injured after man crashes pickup truck into Bakersfield Christmas parade route

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