After 14 hours in three emergency rooms

After 14 hours in three emergency rooms, a woman plans to buy the ring she couldn’t remove.

After bouncing between three emergency rooms for 14 long hours, a woman finally got a tight ring off her finger with the help of an electric ring cutter. Despite the ordeal, she expressed no regrets about her purchase and even planned on repurchasing the same ring, albeit in a larger size.

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 700,000 views, Jamnice Lashaun shared her harrowing experience of trying to remove a ring from her finger. She documented her journey through New York City, where she resides, as she sought medical attention from various providers. The video showcases the different methods used in an attempt to remove the ring.

According to Lashaun, a $6 steel ring from Shein, a popular fast-fashion brand, got stuck on her finger mid-September after she forgot to take it off before sleeping. She admired keeping her jewellery on at all times, and the ring slowly tightened throughout the night, but she didn’t think much of it until it was too late.

According to Lashaun, she experienced a tingling sensation in her left arm upon waking up. She attempted to remove the ring on her finger but panicked, which only worsened the swelling.

On TikTok, she shared how the initial doctor attempted to remove the ring with a ring cutter unsuccessfully. She then went to another location where she had five doctors try various techniques, such as using an ice pack to reduce swelling, a ring cutter, and the string method. However, none of these methods effectively removed the ring from her finger.

In the video, Lashaun expressed her discomfort with the string method, stating it was too painful. She even requested a numbing agent, but unfortunately, it was impossible.

According to the TikToker, the doctors she consulted advised her to seek help from a specialist. Finally, after much effort, the specialist removed the ring using an electric razor cutter. Lashaun expressed her immense relief and happiness after the call finally slipped off.

Despite the ordeal, Lashaun remains undeterred from purchasing the same ring once more, albeit in a slightly larger size. In a similar mishap, she intends to seek the assistance of a specialist or someone equipped with professional tools to remove the ring safely.

As she exclaimed, “The quality is fantastic!” she decided to order a new one. The doctors were all worked up over the $6 stainless steel.

After witnessing her struggle to get the ring off, numerous viewers left comments expressing their sympathy and relief upon learning that she eventually succeeded. However, some were left puzzled by her decision to purchase the same ring again, risking a similar predicament in the future.

Amidst many crying emojis, one of the top comments read, “Y’all, she’s ordering another one!”


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