Mother praying for safe return following disappearance of 8-months pregnant California woman Cajairah Fraise

8-month-pregnant California lady Cajairah Fraise disappears, and her mother begs for her return.

Karah Fraise expressed her belief that her loved one will make it back home. According to her, God will pave the way for her safe return.

It has been eight months since Karah’s daughter, Cajairah Fraise, disappeared without a trace. The 22-year-old was last seen on February 23, 2023, and her whereabouts remain unknown. She was in her eighth month of pregnancy.

According to Karah, Cajairah was brought up in southern California and is the youngest amongst her siblings. Karah described the three siblings as being very close to each other and best friends since childhood. “Her, along with her brother and sister, are like three peas in a pod,” Karah stated fondly.

According to Karah, Cajairah was beloved by everyone in the family and considered to be their best friend. “Each of us had a special bond with her and she received an abundance of love,” Karah shared with Dateline.

According to Karah, Cajairah is an affectionate, compassionate, and authentic individual who possesses all the qualities of a great mother. Karah also revealed that her daughter was both thrilled and taken aback upon discovering her pregnancy. “She couldn’t believe it,” Karah said, “just the idea of a tiny life growing inside her.” Cajairah was anticipating the arrival of a baby boy on March 29.

Cajairah was residing in Marino Valley with her parents when she went missing.

In an interview with Dateline, Karah shared that she had a wonderful day spending quality time with her daughter. She mentioned that they started with a workout session at the gym and later enjoyed a relaxing spa day. The duo also ran a few errands together, picking up a few essentials for the baby. Karah fondly recalled their busy yet fulfilling day.

Cajairah expressed her desire to visit her maternal grandmother’s house and Karah, not feeling well, had called her husband to drive them. He met them and took over the driving responsibilities.

According to Karah, Cajairah was feeling hungry and thus they made a pit stop at a nearby Jack in the Box in Beaumont. Recalling the moment, Karah mentioned that Cajairah got out of the car and remained quiet. However, Karah was unsure of the reason behind her daughter’s sudden exit from the car.

According to Karah’s account to Dateline, Cajairah was standing in front of the drive-through as she and her husband went to place their order. Karah mentioned that Cajairah made eye contact with them before they pulled forward, and when they looked back, she was nowhere to be seen. Karah recounted, “He backed the car up, paid for the food, pulled back forward, and she was gone. So the last time we saw her was when she was standing at the end of the drive-through. She literally disappeared in a matter of minutes.”

As soon as Karah and her husband realized that their pet dog was missing, they sprang into action. Karah’s husband got out of the car and scanned the area while Karah drove around the complex where the Jack in the Box was situated. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t find their beloved dog. They immediately contacted 911 to report the incident and seek help.

According to an email from Public Information Officer Marcedes Cashmer to Dateline, the Beaumont Police Department is currently investigating Cajairah’s disappearance. The email states that Cajairah was last seen at the Jack in the Box located at 89 Beaumont Avenue at 10:39 p.m. on February 23.

Officer Cashmer conducted several searches for Cajairah along Hwy 79 between the City of Beaumont and Hemet. These searches involved officers searching on foot, with the help of K9s, drones/UAS, helicopters, and planes. Additionally, information about Cajairah was shared with hospitals, clinics, mental health facilities, shelters, and other organizations in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Nevada.

According to Officer Cashmer, surveillance footage revealed that Cajairah was seen walking towards the south, away from the Jack in the Box area, and behind other businesses located within the same center as the food establishment on the night she went missing.

According to Karah, Cajairah’s mother, the video footage captured her daughter walking behind a charter school adjacent to the Jack in the Box. “She was alone in the camera’s view behind the school,” Karah shared with Dateline.

According to Karah, her daughter might have experienced a medical emergency, which led her to walk away, she shared with Dateline.

Officer Cashmer of the Beaumont Police Department has confirmed that there is no suspicion of foul play in Cajairah’s disappearance. The department is actively following up on all leads in an effort to locate her.

According to Karah, she firmly believes that her daughter was abducted. She expressed her belief to Dateline and said, “I think she was taken, and deep down, I feel like she’s being hidden somewhere. Someone has her, and I hope they are also taking good care of the baby.”

According to PIO Marcedes Cashmer, there is currently no evidence indicating that Cajairah was abducted.

In the event that Cajairah is reading this, Karah has a heartfelt message for her as shared with Dateline. She expresses her deep love and longing to embrace, laugh, and dance with her. Karah remains determined to locate Cajairah and will do everything in her power to find her and provide support.

According to Karah, the family is currently in the process of fundraising to hire a private investigator. In addition to this, she has created both a Facebook and Instagram page named “Find Cajairah” which are solely dedicated to finding answers regarding her daughter’s disappearance.

Cajairah stands at 5’7″ and weighs 160 lbs. She was last spotted in a black jacket and grey sweatpants. It has been reported by her mother that Cajairah has multiple medical requirements and food intolerances. Additionally, her son is only 7 months old.

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