Top 10 Dangerous Cities in Michigan with the Highest Crime Rates

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Michigan with the Highest Crime Rates (2023)

When Michigan comes to mind, people often think of abandoned buildings, depressed industrial areas, and high crime rates, particularly in cities like Detroit and Flint. Although some parts of the state are beautiful, other regions have earned the reputation of being violent and unsafe. In this article, we will take a closer look at Michigan’s ten most dangerous cities. These areas are known for high murder rates, gang activity, urban decay, and poverty.

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Michigan

1. Muskegon Heights

Muskegon Heights is considered to be the most perilous city in Michigan, and to make matters worse, it also holds a position in the list of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Despite its relatively smaller population, this city has managed to earn a notorious reputation, joining the ranks of larger cities across the country.

The city’s crime rate is a staggering 130% above the national average, leaving residents vulnerable to various types of crime such as violence and property offenses. Shockingly, violent crimes are a shocking 342% higher than the national average, with a high murder rate of three people per 100,000 residents. Assault, rape, and robbery are also prevalent issues that residents face on a regular basis.

In Muskegon Heights, the rate of property crime is notably high, with 3,674 property crimes occurring per 100,000 people. As a resident, it is crucial to prioritize investing in a top-notch security system to safeguard your property. The city has witnessed burglary cases at 14.55% and vandalism cases at 12.63%, making it imperative to take preventive measures against such crimes.

2. Benton Township

Benton Township has been ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in Michigan due to its alarming crime rate. Shockingly, any resident has a 1 in 17 chance of falling prey to theft or property crime. The rate of burglaries and car thefts is alarmingly high, with incidents happening every day. Furthermore, the city is also not immune to violent crimes, with a staggering rate of 2,198 violent crimes per 100,000 individuals.

According to recent statistics, in 2021, there were 282.7 assaults, 6.1 murders, 40.7 rape cases, and 135.5 robberies with violence per every 100,000 people. Unfortunately, this area has a higher rate of rape cases than other Michigan regions. The average household income in this area is $32,236, and the median income is $21,916. Due to the high poverty rate, many residents, especially young people, lack opportunities to improve their lives. As a result, some may see a life of crime as a better alternative to living in extreme poverty.

3. Detroit

Ranked as the third most perilous city in Michigan is Detroit, which is renowned for its automobile industry but also notorious for its elevated rates of violent and property crimes. In fact, it is considered one of the most hazardous large cities in the United States. The prevalence of murders is particularly alarming, with 309 homicides recorded in the city in 2021. Although this number is slightly lower than the 324 murders reported in 2020, the rate is still considerably higher than the national average.

According to recent statistics, the likelihood of falling prey to a violent crime in Detroit is 1 in 44, while the odds of becoming a victim of a property crime is 1 in 30. With a vast population, this city witnessed a staggering number of criminal incidents in 2021 alone, including 309 homicides, 610 rapes, and 1,830 robberies.

Last year, Detroit experienced a surge in violent crimes, causing public outrage and protests. Demonstrators marched to the Detroit Police Station, calling for the police department to take more action in solving the problem. Gun violence is just one of the many types of violent crimes that have been reported in Detroit.

4. Jackson

Jackson is another notably dangerous city in Michigan, making it a dangerous place to live or visit. The city has a disturbingly high number of cases related to violence, including rape, assault, murder, and robbery. Shockingly, there is a 1 in 93 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Jackson. Every year, an average of 7 murders, 56 rapes, 39 robberies, and 277 assaults take place here, which is a cause for concern for anyone living or planning to travel to this city.

In addition to violent crimes, Jackson also faces property crimes, with break-ins being a common occurrence. Thieves tend to target homes when owners are away, and daytime break-ins are particularly prevalent. These property crimes in Jackson include theft, car theft, arson, and burglary. Although the perpetrators may make away with valuable items and money, victims are usually not subject to any violence.

5. Flint

The city of Flint has garnered a lot of attention lately, due in part to its alarming crime rate. Shockingly, the city experienced its highest murder rate in 9 years in 2021, with a total of 60 homicides. This is a staggering 21% increase compared to the previous year. Disturbingly, the police have reported that the majority of these murders were committed using firearms, highlighting the growing problem of gun violence in Flint. The last time the city faced such a high number of murders was nearly a decade ago, in 2012.

While living in Flint, you stand a 1 in 78 chance of falling victim to a violent crime. At the same time, you stand a 1 in 49 chance of becoming a victim of property crimes. The average rate of violent crimes in Flint is 12.81 per 1,000 people. In addition, the city has 20.39 property crimes taking place per 1,000 people. This makes the crime rate in Flint 33.21 per 1,000 people.

6. Kalamazoo

Despite its small population, this city has earned a place on Michigan’s list of dangerous cities. Shockingly, in 2020, there was an alarming 83% surge in all types of crimes, including those related to violence and property. The increase in violent crimes was particularly troubling, with a staggering 205% rise, while property crimes saw a 59% increase.

7. Highland Park

Despite its small size, Highland Park faces a significant challenge in terms of crime rates, which are relatively high compared to other cities in Michigan. In the year 2020, the city experienced a surge in both violent and property crimes. Shockingly, the number of violent crimes rose by 94%, with six murders, 13 rapes, 161 assaults, and 26 robberies being reported. Additionally, there were 51 burglaries, 61 motor vehicle thefts, and 170 thefts recorded in the city. These crimes pose a significant threat to the safety and wellbeing of the residents of Highland Park.

The economy of this city is not thriving and the poverty rate is high. While the education system is average, it is not up to par with cities like Detroit. Due to the lack of opportunities for improving their lives, many individuals turn to a life of crime as a means of survival.

8. Saginaw: Exploring the City’s Hidden Gems

The city of Harper Woods takes the last spot on the list of most dangerous cities in Michigan. Despite its small size, the city witnesses both violent and property crimes, with an average of 36 crimes per 1,000 people. In 2020, Harper Woods recorded a total of 558 crimes, consisting of 414 property crimes and 144 violent crimes. The incidence of assault was alarmingly high at 126. In addition, there were 241 thefts, 110 motor vehicle thefts, and 63 burglaries. Harper Woods may be small, but its crime rate is a cause for concern.

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