Warwick, Minisink investigate report

Warwick, Minisink investigate game racist incident targeting female soccer player

Two school districts in Orange County are currently investigating an alleged incident of racism that occurred during a girl’s varsity soccer game. It has been reported that one or more student spectators in the stands made racist remarks towards a Black player, prompting the investigation.

According to reports, a female goalie from Minisink High School was spotted in tears on the field during a game against Warwick at Sandfordville Elementary School last Thursday. Her distress was allegedly due to hurtful remarks made towards her.

According to sources, a male soccer player from Warwick who was present during the game made comments that were deemed inappropriate. This incident has been brought to the attention of News 12.

On Friday, a statement was released by Dr. David Leach, the Superintendent of Warwick Valley School.

As per our investigation, we have not found any evidence of racial comments being made. However, it has come to our attention that a student spectator or spectators acted in an insubordinate manner and used inappropriate language towards the players and an official. Such actions are clear violations of the student code of conduct and are unacceptable.

According to the district, they are collaborating with Minisink to investigate the situation thoroughly and find a solution.

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