Highest Cancer Rates in New York

New York Counties with the Highest Cancer Rates

Millions of people worldwide are affected by cancer, making it a significant public health concern. Various factors contribute to cancer rates, such as personal habits, genetics, and environmental conditions. However, it’s essential to understand the disparities in cancer incidence across different geographical locations. In New York, an analysis conducted by Stacker, using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has revealed the counties with the highest cancer rates.

Factors That Contribute to Cancer Rates

It’s crucial to remember that numerous factors can affect cancer rates before delving into the statistics. These factors may include:

Individuals facing social, economic, or environmental disadvantages face a higher risk of developing cancer. Unfortunately, they are often not able to access the early screening and care that can help alleviate this issue. As a result, we must find practical solutions that address these barriers and prioritize equitable access to healthcare for all.

Top 5 New York Counties with the Highest Incidence of Cancer

6. Niagara County

6. Niagara County

  • Cancer rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 774.5
  • Age-adjusted rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 552.7

5. Greene County

  • 5. Greene CountyCancer rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 780.8
  • Age-adjusted rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 510.7

4. Schuyler County

  • Schuyler CountyCancer rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 791.3
  • Age-adjusted rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 526.9

3. Warren County

Warren County

  • Cancer rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 802.7
  • Age-adjusted rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 515.7

2. Columbia County

Columbia County

  • Cancer rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 804.
  • Age-adjusted rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 495.8

1. Hamilton County

Hamilton County

  • Cancer rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 1,001.3
  • Age-adjusted rate per 100,000 (2016-2020): 504.5

Understanding geographical differences in cancer incidence rates is essential for targeted interventions and healthcare planning. This analysis, conducted by Stacker and utilizing CDC data, identifies the New York counties with the highest cancer incidence rates. The numbers are alarming, but they serve as a call to action for healthcare providers, policymakers, and communities to collaborate against this deadly disease.

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