Two New York men arrested for large-scale shoplifting in Holyoke

Two New York men were arrested in Holyoke for large-scale shoplifting.

According to reports, Holyoke police have apprehended two New York individuals involved in a sophisticated shoplifting ring.

According to a statement from Detective Jared Hamel, a police spokesperson, two officers were called to Stop and Shop after loss prevention staff reported two men filling large trash bags with health and beauty products worth thousands of dollars. The incident occurred on Friday.

When the officers arrived at the store, they came across the two men trying to exit with the items. When the police confronted them, the two culprits abandoned the products and ran for them, as per the police statement.

Police officials have reported that one of the suspects attempted to enter a vehicle but was quickly apprehended, while the other fled into the nearby plaza. However, law enforcement was able to track down and arrest the second suspect without further incident.

According to reports, the loss prevention officers at Stop and Shop retrieved the stolen merchandise, valued at over $5,000.

According to Hamel, the authorities discovered that the suspects’ car was full of comparable items that were stolen from the store in Holyoke but had tags from nearby cities. The products were also packed in sizeable garbage bags like the ones used in the attempted theft in Holyoke. The police retrieved over 300 stolen goods worth more than $3,000.

According to the police, when the officers tried to book the two individuals, one provided false information and a fake name. Only after the officers took his fingerprints and compared them was his true identity finally revealed.

Two individuals from Queens, New York, namely Jayson Johnson and Sequanne Madden, aged 25, have been arrested.

They both faced charges for being involved in organized retail crime, receiving stolen property worth more than $1,200, and committing theft exceeding $1,200.

In addition to his initial charge of assault, Johnson was also accused of disorderly conduct and found to have five outstanding warrants for his arrest as a fugitive from justice.

Madden faced additional charges of providing a false name and having six outstanding warrants for his arrest as a fugitive from justice.

The two individuals were detained and remain in custody until their arraignment in Holyoke District Court.

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