Woman With Gun at Casino Arrested

Armed Woman Carrying Drugs Arrested by AC Police Outside Ocean Casino Resort

In Atlantic City, a woman was recently apprehended by the police for carrying a firearm outside the Ocean Casino Resort. However, upon further investigation, law enforcement officials discovered that she also had several bags of heroin in her possession, which she may have intended to sell. As a result, the woman now faces the possibility of being incarcerated for several years.

Meet Jadairah James, a 27-year-old resident with a history of drug-related offences. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered that she had been arrested for a similar crime in June. Despite this, she was eventually released from custody with only a summons.

Despite her previous missteps, James persisted in engaging in unlawful behaviour. Most recently, she was spotted brandishing a firearm outside the Ocean Casino Resort around 9 p.m. An alert casino security guard observed her actions and promptly notified the nearby authorities.

As James was about to drive away in a taxi, three police officers, Bao Pham, Brandon Jackson, and Kyle Riordan, patrolling nearby, arrived at the scene and intercepted him. After an inspection, the authorities discovered several items in illegal possession.

James Faces the Possibility of Serving Time in Prison

During the ride in the cab, law enforcement officers made a startling discovery that validated the casino security guard’s report. They stumbled upon an illegally owned handgun, which was an alarming find. To make matters worse, the officers also uncovered several bags of heroin and ammunition rounds, including dangerous hollow-point bullets. These bullets are acknowledged to be more difficult than their conventional counterparts due to their distinctive features.

Fortunately, James refrained from using the gun while at the casino. It’s uncertain whether she had intended to sell heroin to the casino patrons, as the police couldn’t confirm it with complete certainty.

The police have seized both the gun and drugs involved in the incident. Although James’s intentions remain unclear, the authorities are confident she had illegal weapons, including hollow-point ammunition and drugs. Such offences can result in severe consequences for James.

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