Lake Perris drowning victims identified

Identifying Lake Perris drowning victims

On Wednesday, the names of the two men tragically drowned at Lake Perris were officially verified.

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According to the Riverside County Coroner’s Office, Patrick Martin Howard, 53, from Torrance and Robert Mauro, 58, from Long Beach, passed away on the afternoon of September 13th.

According to eyewitnesses, the men were last seen around 4 p.m. near Alessandro Island before they vanished underwater and did not resurface.

According to rangers at Lake Perris State Recreation Area, Howard and Mauro were enjoying the boating zone on a tube when one fell into the water and struggled to stay afloat. Without hesitation, his friend jumped in after him to assist.

The county fire personnel rushed to the site upon the rangers’ request. However, after scanning the water’s surface and finding no victims, the team departed.

The dimensions of the reservoir are approximately three miles in length and two miles in width. Its deepest point lies at the midpoint, reaching around 85 feet.

In the afternoon of September 14th, the dive team of the sheriff’s department arrived at the scene and successfully retrieved both bodies.

Danielle Swims, a friend of Howard’s family, started a GoFundMe account for him. Swims spoke highly of Howard, stating he has a “good heart.” On the fundraiser page, she said he remained helpful until the end. The amount raised so far stands at $1,330 as of Wednesday afternoon.

According to the page, Howard had a wife and three daughters who are now left behind. Unfortunately, there was no information available regarding Mauro.

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