Missing Newburgh Girl

Police Confirm Safe Recovery of 13-Year-Old Newburgh Girl After Extensive Search

On a Saturday afternoon, precisely on September 16th, at about 2:10 p.m., an incident occurred in Newburgh, located in Orange County.

Lt. Peter Talarico of the Town of Newburgh Police Department stated that it was unusual for the teenager to leave without informing anyone, according to reports.

According to Talarico, the authorities worked relentlessly to solve the case by conducting interviews, going door-to-door in the neighbourhood with the help of patrol officers, and even deploying K-9 units for thorough searches. The investigation carried on throughout the day and night.

Throughout the night of Sunday, September 17th, officers worked tirelessly to expand the investigation into the disappearance of Chole Patino-Negron.

Over the weekend, law enforcement established a Command Center and enlisted help from many resources, including fire departments, community volunteers, and first responders from different departments. In addition, social media platforms were utilized to aid in the search efforts.

At around 1:25 p.m. on Sunday, the teenager who was reported missing was found safe and sound in Dutchess County, close to the Fishkill Walmart.

According to Talarico, the investigation is ongoing, but the family has reunited with their teen.

The police department of the Town of Newburgh expresses its gratitude towards all the agencies that extended their assistance.

Talarico says, “We are extremely proud of everyone who worked tirelessly alongside our officers and dispatchers to find the teenager ultimately. We are especially grateful to the Cronomer Valley Fire Department and its members for their outstanding support and professionalism in aiding the investigation. Their efforts in coordinating over 70 volunteers and providing their facility for the Command Center were instrumental in achieving this outcome.”

In addition, Talarico expressed gratitude towards the town of Newburgh’s residents, who actively participated on social media by providing “critical information.” Their willingness to share valuable insights and knowledge has been immensely helpful in addressing the situation at hand.

According to him, social media played a crucial role in finding the missing teenager as it managed to reach more than 90,000 individuals within a span of four hours. As a result, numerous tips poured in, eventually leading to the successful discovery of the lost teen.

The kind-hearted folks at the Golden Rail Ale House offered their spacious parking lot to first responders, allowing them to communicate with each other near the initial search location easily.

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