Man fired shots at car on LIE for driving 'too slowly', say police

Man fired shots at car on LIE for driving ‘too slowly’, say police

An investigation is currently underway regarding a potential case of road rage on the Long Island Expressway.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, an incident occurred where gunshots were fired at a vehicle in the vicinity of Exit 32 in Bayside. The exact details of the situation remain unclear at this time, but authorities are investigating the matter further.

The police have reported that the victim’s car was moving at a slow pace when the assailant attempted to overtake the vehicle and opened fire. The shooter then quickly fled the scene after firing shots at the car.

After attempting to pursue the individual, the driver ultimately turned back and made their way to a nearby service road before promptly contacting emergency services via 911.

Fortunately, the driver is expected to be fine.

Authorities are currently continuing their search for the individual responsible for the shooting.

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