Alabama police: High school band director Tasered and arrested after refusing to stop performance

According to reports, a high school band director from Alabama was tased and taken into custody for not complying with police orders to stop his band from playing after a football game.

The Birmingham Police Department has released a statement regarding the incident. See their official statement below.

After the football game ended, Birmingham officers were in the process of clearing out the stadium. Officers observed both schools’ bands still performing. Officers spoke with both schools’ band directors to end the performance so students and attendees would leave the stadium. Officers were able to get J.O.’s band to stop performing.

As the officers approached the band director of Minor High School, they requested him to put a stop to the band’s performance. However, despite multiple requests from the officers, the band director refused to comply and instructed the band to continue their performance.

Minor High School band director Johnny Mims was arrested after police claim he refused to stop his band from playing after Thursday's football game ended. (Birmingham City Jail)
Minor High School band director Johnny Mims was arrested after police claim he refused to stop his band from playing after Thursday’s football game ended. (Birmingham City Jail)

One of the officers who intervened to stop the band’s performance was a Sergeant from the BPD. While engaging with Minor’s band director, they eventually decided to arrest him.

According to reports, the band director was being taken into custody by BPD officers for Disorderly Conduct. However, things quickly escalated when a physical altercation between the band director, Birmingham City Schools System Security personnel, and the officers broke out.

According to reports, a physical altercation occurred and during this time, the officers of BPD made an attempt to get the band director to place his hands behind his back. However, he refused to comply with their request. The arresting officer has alleged that the band director pushed him during the arrest. As a result, the officer used a Taser to subdue the band director, ultimately ending the physical confrontation.

Following the arrest, the Birmingham Fire and Rescue team provided necessary medical attention to the band director at the stadium. As per the standard protocol of the Birmingham Police Department, the officers then took the band director to UAB Hospital. Once he was discharged, the officers brought him to the Birmingham City Jail where he was booked and subsequently released on bond.

The City of Birmingham Magistrate’s Office was presented with the case information by the officers. The officers successfully obtained arrest warrants for three charges: Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, and Resisting Arrest.

Whenever an officer uses force during an arrest, the Internal Affairs Division of the Birmingham Police Department investigates the incident.

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