Woman Remains Unconscious 10 Months

Woman still in coma, 10 months after her husband hit her with their children in the car

According to the statement, he remained at the location. At the same time, she was transported to a nearby hospital to treat her injuries, which were extensive and included severe neurological impairment, fractures in her legs, and a punctured liver.

During his arraignment, the defendant confessed to the 911 operators, stating, “I think I killed my wife.” Prosecutors revealed this statement in court.

As per Katz, Sophia still hasn’t regained consciousness following the assault.

The DA revealed that Stephen Giraldo was initially charged with several serious offences, including attempted murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. Additionally, he was accused of endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment. However, he recently pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

As per the court records assessed by HuffPost, Sophia Giraldo initiated divorce proceedings last year. The Daily News has reported that she and her kids had to take shelter in a domestic violence centre for some time in 2019.

While contemplating, she shared her insights and recommendations on her podcast, “The Unfiltered and Free Podcast.” The podcast is a self-help show that encourages genuine and candid discussions about the challenges of rebuilding one’s life after experiencing betrayal and abuse.

According to the description, Sophia Giraldo has personally experienced the ups and downs of navigating through a life that was impacted by a toxic relationship. She understands the journey of personal growth and the messiness that comes with it.

In the latest episode, broadcast a few days before the incident, she openly talked about her marriage and described it as “toxic”. She revealed that she had made a difficult decision to end the relationship while keeping her children’s well-being in mind. In light of the attack, the timing of her revelation has sparked intense speculation and scrutiny.

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