Court date set in hit and run accident

Court date has been set for the hit-and-run accident.

Michael Ryan McCleary, 26, of Blackwell, has a court date scheduled in Kay County District Court.

McCleary is charged with a felony count of leaving the scene of an injury accident and misdemeanour counts of improper passing in a no passing zone and failure to report a personal injury accident.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Aaron Crompton responded to a two-vehicle injury accident on Aug. 31 at Oklahoma 11 and Pecan Road.Reportedly, one of the vehicles, a GMC pickup, fled the scene. Crompton reports that upon arrival, he discovered a black Jeep with driver-side damage. Tristan Ramey, the driver, was pinned within the wreckage. The fire department of Ponca City responded, freed Ramey, and transported her to the hospital.

Ramey had slowed to make a left turn onto Pecan when the pickup attempted to pass her on the left in a no passing zone and collided with her, according to the trooper’s report.

Deputies from Kay County searched the area for the truck. The pickup was reportedly captured on video driving through Kildare and Newkirk.

That evening, a resident notified Crompton that McCleary was the pickup’s driver and that he and the vehicle were at a Blackwell residence.

Crompton made contact with McCleary on September 1. According to reports, he admitted that he was the driver of the GMC and was returning from Wentz Golf Course. He reportedly admitted that he collided with Ramey and fled the scene in a panic. According to reports, he told Crompton that he was terrified because he had previously been charged with DUI and did not want to go to jail.

Crompton allegedly asked McCleary if he had consumed alcohol while on the golf course. According to reports, McCleary began crying and was hesitant to respond. Instead of arresting McCleary, Crompton requested a warrant so that McCleary could seek treatment for his drinking. McCleary was arrested on September 18 and released on a $10,000 bond.

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