Meteorologists Issue Thunderstorm Watch for Central and Southern Half of Arizona from Friday to Saturday

The Arizona Weather Force has released an update regarding the Thunderstorm Watch. This update is in reference to the forecast that was issued on December 15th in the Long-Range Weather Advisory.

A powerful storm system is expected to hit San Diego and Imperial County overnight tonight and throughout Friday. This system will also bring a strong jet stream to Arizona, with Friday being the most challenging day.

Storms will move from southwest to northeast within the tropical moisture conveyor belt, bringing with them lightning, hail, strong winds, torrential downpours, and the potential for tornadoes. The highest risk of a tornado will be in Pinal County, Tucson forecast area, and Cochise County, considering the position of the upper-level jet and the available surface instability.

The system is expected to move out later on Saturday.

– Raiden Storm –

As a highly experienced Master General Meteorologist, I have provided my expertise to more than 50 companies across various industries including energy, agriculture, aviation, marine, and leisure. With over 25 years of consulting experience, I have gained valuable insights and knowledge in the field. I hold certifications from Mississippi State for broadcast meteorology, as well as Penn State forecasting certifications in MET 101, 241, 341, and 361. Despite my formal education, I consider myself mostly self-taught, as I had already acquired a substantial amount of knowledge before pursuing formal education.

Accuracy is crucial in both short and long-range forecasting, making it an essential skill in these professions. With over 25 years of experience, he has expertise in various fields including Western USA, Tornadoes, Floods, Hurricanes, High Winds, Fire Behavior, Snow and Blizzards. His predictions surpass those of all weather services available today, earning him both admiration and jealousy for his precision and lead-time.

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